Our Copywriting Team

Noemi Twigg

noemi-twiggNoemi Twigg used to be an English teacher by day, a writer on the side, and a geek 24/7. Her writing career started out with ghostwriting. She expanded her work to copywriting, blogging, and contributing to print magazines. Her dream was to write full-time and when the opportunity arose, she took the leap. She now writes full-time and serves as editor of Splashpress Media. She’s also the community manager of FreelanceWritingGigs.com and BloggingPro.com.

Aside from writing and spending time on social media, she fancies herself a serial traveler and is a self-proclaimed wannabe beach bum. Give her an internet connection, and she’ll hit the road to work wherever the wind takes her.


Alex Thomas


Alex Thomas is a writer living in Washington DC. He graduated from Salisbury University in 2015 with a degree in English Literature. He writes about politics, apps, technology and pop culture. Alex has written for IC Media Direct, Inquisitr.com and currently writes for SocialNewsDaily and Apple Gazette and produces copy for major surf brand O’Neill.


Jodee Redmond

Jodee Redmond

Jodee Redmond is a full-time freelance writer who has been working from her home office for over a decade. Now that she has figured out how to turn her love of words into a career, she is wondering what took her so long to figure out what she wanted to be when she grew up. Jodee truly enjoys her work, and the best part is that she never stops learning.


Remy Carreiro 


Remy Carreiro has been writing professionally across many well-known sites for close to a decade now, (Uproxx, GeeksAreSexy, Thrillist, DopeBecuaseWeSaid and ForeverGeek) with areas of expertise ranging from pop culture, tech and media to straight up guerrilla journalism. With a wide and rabid fan base known as REMlins, he is still just getting started.


Meagan Freeman


As an award-winning journalist and writer, Meagan Freeman has covered a variety of topics during her career. From hard news and entertainment to legal papers and press releases, Meagan has more than ten years of experience covering it all. Besides contributing to several newspapers, magazines and media outlets, Meagan has also written pieces for Buzzfeed, The Richest, Family Pet, Social News Daily and The Blog Herald. Meagan also enjoys writing unique articles for clients looking for quality web content.