65 Places to Find Print Magazine Writing Jobs

freelance magazine writing jobsIf you have been interested in pursuing writing jobs at print magazines but have been discouraged because you have heard that “print is dead” or some variation on this theme, take heart: The print market is changing and opportunities still exist. It would be premature to decide to abandon it as a source of work.

One way you can see for yourself how popular print magazines still are for modern consumers is to visit Chapters or any retailer that carries a large selection of magazines.

Browse through the titles and see for yourself the sheer number of selections as well as the number of niche markets which have magazines devoted to them. More than likely, you’ll run across some titles that you have never seen before, and that doesn’t take into account any state or regional publications.

General Tips for Finding Writing Jobs at Print Magazines

Before you start looking at resources for finding freelance magazine writing jobs, let’s talk about some general tips for finding and landing a gig at a print magazine.

Get Familiar with the Magazine you are Interested in.  If you aren’t a regular reader, order back issues and get familiar with the types of topics that have already been published, as well as the overall writing style of the publication.

Get Some Writing Samples Ready. An editor may ask to see actual samples of your previous work, a list of places where you have previously written, or both. To save time when applying for a magazine gig, get your samples ready in advance by collecting this information and saving it in a folder on your computer where you can access it easily when you need it.

Read the instructions carefully. Failing to follow the instructions in a job ad or writers’ guidelines can be enough to get your application or your pitch letter thrown out without getting read. At that point, it won’t matter how well qualified you are or whether you had a stellar idea for an article that would have knocked the editor’s socks off – you have zero chance of impressing anyone if your stuff doesn’t even get read.

If an editor says that they want submissions sent by snail mail, that’s what you are going to do. If the instructions say not to submit your resume via LinkedIn, then that method is off limits. 

Do Ask Whether you Can Follow Up. If the writers’ guidelines don’t give you an indication of when to expect a response to your pitch, ask if you can follow up after a couple of weeks to see whether the publication you have submitted your pitch to has a response yet. If they do, you will hear one of three things:

  • They want you to go ahead and write the piece.
  • The editor likes your pitch but would like you to change it a little.
  • The publication has rejected your idea.

If Your Idea is Rejected….

It doesn’t mean that your idea wasn’t a good one. The idea may have already been covered by the magazine or a similar idea could have been assigned to another writer.

  • Take your idea and find another magazine that may be interested in it. You may have to change it to make it work with a different publication.
  • Don’t hesitate to approach a publication that has previously rejected you with new pitches. “You” are not being rejected; the idea wasn’t something the publication could use.

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Multiple Options for Finding Print Magazine Writing Jobs

Consumer Magazines

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1. New York Magazine

New York Magazine will occasionally publish stories from freelance writers. Submit a pitch directly to the editor for consideration by sending a letter of inquiry to the contact email listed on the Job Listings page.

2. Chatelaine

This Canadian publication is the biggest and best women’s magazine in that country. It’s published monthly and includes content on topics such as current events, health, food, interior design, health and beauty. Writers’ guidelines are available online.

3. Yes! Magazine

Yes! Magazine is a non-profit publication that is interested in content discussing climate change, health, faith, democracy, social justice, etc. Pay rates vary for articles. Full writers’ guidelines available on the magazine’s website.  

4. Explore

Are you an expert in outdoor matters? Explore Magazine is seeking submissions from writers who can contribute news and features on adventure stories, profiles of Canadian events and adventurers, and guides to Canadian destinations. Send queries by email.

5. Cricket Media

Cricket Media publishes several magazines for children:

These magazines accept submissions of poetry, fiction and literary nonfiction. All submissions are accepted on the Submittable page, which also includes guidelines. If a submission is deemed more appropriate for another magazine in the group, it will be passed to another editor automatically; there is no need for multiple submissions.

6. The Bark

The Bark is a magazine about dogs and its stories are devoted to the relationship between canines  and their human companions. It accepts articles of a journalistic nature, poetry and essays. Pays on publication, rates are negotiated based on the complexity of each piece. Submission guidelines posted on the website.

7. Clarkesworld

Clarkesworld publishes articles, interviews and short stories. The monthly science fiction/fantasy Magazine has won Hugo, World Fantasy, and British Fantasy Awards. Pays $0.10 for first 5,000 words/$0.08 for word count over 5,000 words. Detailed writers’ guidelines available online.

8. Adventures in Odyssey Clubhouse

This magazine is directed toward 8-12 year old children who want to know more about their Christian faith and the Bible. It publishes fiction and nonfiction pieces that will appeal to young readers and their parents. Completed manuscripts only are accepted, no queries. Pay is $0.15-$0.25 per word. Writers’ guidelines posted on the Adventures in Odyssey Clubhouse website.

9. The Puritan

The Puritan Magazine publishes essays, works of fiction, poetry and interviews. General submission guidelines are posted on the website.

10. Alaska Business Monthly

Approximately 80 percent of this publication written for Alaskans and an audience interested in business matters and doing business in the state is written by freelancers. Editorial calendar is available on the website and queries are submitted electronically to the managing editor.

11. Eating Well

This magazine is all about food, glorious food! It’s about eating well and preparing healthy meals. You can find the writers’ guidelines posted here, along with helpful tips on how to increase your chances of getting published. Pay is up to $1.00 per word.

12. WineMaker Magazine

WineMaker Magazine is geared toward people who enjoy making their own wine. Queries are welcome and can be emailed. Allow six weeks for a response. Pay is $50-$150, depending on article length.

13. AARP

This lifestyle magazine shares stories of interest for people aged 50 and up. Topics include health, travel, work, politics, fashion and entertainment. Writers’ submission guidelines are posted here.

14. Girls Life

A print magazine for teens, it publishes stories about fitness, books, trends, guides, profiles and more. The writer’s’ guides are quite detailed and can be found on the website.

15. ParentMap

A print and online magazine for parents that publishes articles on various topics, including babies, health and development, education, food and fun, and parenting. Writers’ submission guidelines are available here. Payment varies, depending on story length. Pays within 30 days after publication.

16. Harvard Magazine

Harvard Magazine has been in publication since 1898 and is a specialty magazine for graduates of this Ivy League institution, as well as Radcliffe College. Faculty and staff of Harvard also receive the magazine. It publishes stories about the Harvard community  – the lives of its members, as well as news and developments in teaching and research. Guidelines are on the website.

17. Harper’s Magazine

Harper’s accepts nonfiction and fiction submissions queries by regular mail. All must be accompanied by a SASE (stamped, self-addressed envelope). Do not send unsolicited manuscripts; they will not be considered.

18. Fit Pregnancy Magazine

Make a point of reading the magazine to see which topics have been covered before you make a pitch. You’ll want to present your idea in a way that the editor sees why it’s special and why the magazine’s readers will need to read it.

19. The Scientist

The Scientist Magazine is always interested in hearing from freelancers who are comfortable writing about life science around the world. Pitches about trends the magazine may have missed are most welcome. Guidelines are available online.

20. All About Beer

This magazine is written to both educate and entertain beer consumers and brewmasters alike. It publishes stories about the history of this enjoyable beverage, as well as beer-making traditions and social and political environments that can affect the industry. The magazine has several departments open to freelancers.

Trade Magazines

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Trade magazines focus on topics of interest to people working in a particular industry. They are usually sold by subscription. The content is generally focused on industry news, interviews, trends and issues affecting the industry and practical advice. Content is kept concise, generally running two or three pages and since it is geared toward industry professionals, there is no need to explain industry terms as part of the writing. Here are some paid writing jobs for trade magazines.

Agriculture and Food

21. Dairy Foods

  • Dairy Foods magazine reports on news and trends, as well of technologies of interest to dairy processors
  • Magazine also includes features and plant engineering information for dairy processors
  • Publishes monthly
  • Editorial calendar is published online
  • Review previous issues of magazine before sending letter of introduction to editor with clips

22. Automatic Merchandiser

  • Automatic Merchandiser magazine is a publication that specifically serves the coffee service and vending industry
  • Its readership is company owners and presidents, managers, route management and front office staff
  • Magazine carries stories about coffee growers, trends in coffee tastes, equipment, technology, healthy vending, and micro markets
  • Order a free subscription to get a feel for the print version you can’t get online
  • Contact the editor with a letter of introduction and clips or a pitch

23. Pet Food Industry

  • Monthly publication with product news, market information, packaging, safety and quality, nutrition, and production
  • Download media kit or fill out online form to contact editorial

24. Canadian Poultry

  • Publishes a print and digital edition for poultry industry and related trades
  • Stories relate to production, health, research, profiles, business and policy
  • View masthead on digital version of magazine for editorial contact information then send letter of introduction and clips

25. Convenience Store News

  • Publication reports on industry news and trends, research and data, new products and industry awards and events
  • Editorial contact posted on website.

26. Tea & Coffee

  • Reports on the global tea and coffee industry
  • Published 11 times a year
  • Contact information for the editor is posted on the website

Auto, Transportation, and Travel

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27. AAA Publishing Network

  • Publishes 20 titles (16 magazines; 4 tabloids) in various regions throughout the US
  • Find specific publication you are interested in the website; editorial calendar may be available
  • Order copy of press kit for magazine contact information, if necessary
  • Contact editor for updated calendar and submission guidelines

28. Risk Management

  • Publishes stories on risk management, commodities, regulations, asset management, etc.
  • Browse past issues online or download the app from the App Store or Google Play
  • Contact editorial staff for calendar or to send letter of introduction

29. NIADA Used Car Dealer

  • National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA) Used Car Dealer magazine is read by industry executives and Association members
  • Editorial calendar available online; contact editor for information, guidelines

30. Progressive Grocer

  • Progressive Grocer has been published for over 80 years and has stories of interest to senior management at head office and decisionmakers at the store level
  • Departments include new foods and products, industry news and trends, regulatory affairs, sustainability, trade associations and corporate responsibility

31. Golf News

  • Published nine times per year; features news, instruction, health & fitness, course reviews, travel topics
  • Check masthead on digital version for contact information
  • Contact editor with a pitch for short, filler item or tips after reviewing back issues of magazine


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32. Cleaning & Restoration

  • Award-winning magazine from the Restoration Industry Association
  • Regular columns include technical topics, news, business, marketing, new products, environmental matters and industry events
  • Order a back copy of the magazine to become familiar with publication; editor’s contact information posted on website

33. American Spa

  • Niche publication dedicated to helping spa owners improve their operations
  • Published 12 times per year, shares news and stories pertinent to the industry
  • Send pitches directly to the editor

34. Church Executive

  • This magazine has a subscriber list of more than 37,000 executive pastors, senior pastors and administrators in large churches across the United States
  • Publishes stories on a number of issues, including leadership, outreach, construction, finance, fund raising, worship center design, taxes, technology, kitchen design and operation, and insurance

35. Total Retail

  • Total Retail publishes a quarterly magazine with information about various facets of the industry, including interviews and company profiles
  • Other topics discussed include customer service, retention, management, merchandising, and operations and fulfilment

36. Target Marketing    

  • How-to magazine for individuals involved in direct mail, telemarketing or website marketing
  • Forward pitches directly to the editor for consideration                          


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37. Floor Trends

  • Magazine for flooring retailers, distributors, contractors, and architects
  • Covers influences driving trends and styles in residential and commercial markets

38. Electrical Contractor

  • Electrical Contractor is distributed to over 70,000 electrical contracting firms
  • Magazine doesn’t accept submissions from freelancers; Accepting applications for staff writing positions

39. Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction

  • Magazine is published eight times per year and is marketed to contractors in the paving, pavement marking, sealcoating, and sweeping industries
  • Contains helpful information about how to run their business more effectively
  • Phone and social media contact information for editors provided on website

40. Walls and Ceilings

  • Publication for interior designers, wall and ceiling contractors, architects, product supplier or distributors
  • Covers drywalling, plastering, fireproofing, metal framing, insulation, doors and windows, spray textures, paints, metal framing, architectural decorative ornamentation

41. Retrofit

  • Retrofit Magazine is dedicated to providing information to builders, facility managers, architects and engineers to help them with renovating existing spaces in a cost-effective, energy-efficient manner
  • Submissions to be sent directly to the editor


42. Design News

  • Magazine for engineers and engineering managers covering topics such as technology news, opinion, end-user examples and tutorials
  • Instructions for pitching an idea are on the website

43. Machine Design

  • Machine Design publishes news, commentary, interviews, FAQs and a column entitled “What’s the Difference Between…”
  • Content is geared toward a community of more than 130,000 professionals working in the design engineering industry
  • Editorial contact information on website

Entertainment & Recreation

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44. Travel Agent

  • Magazine has the largest circulation of any trade magazine for travel professionals
  • Published every two weeks in print and supplemented with daily and weekly online content
  • Contact information for editorial posted on website

45. Aquatics International

  • Publication devoted to the topic of commercial and public swimming pool facilities
  • Content includes information about designing, construction, maintenance, promotion, and management
  • Magazine hires a number of contributing writers; editorial contact information on website

46. TV Technology

  • Published biweekly; provides news, product information and reporting about the television industry
  • Serves the professional video market
  • Contact Human Resources Department to inquire about job opportunities

47. Professional Sound

  • Canadian trade magazine for audio industry professionals (recording, broadcast, audiovisual and post-production)
  • Distributed in Canada and internationally
  • Publishes news, business improvement articles, technical how-to content, industry event information, etc.
  • Contact information posted on website

48. Business Jet Traveler

  • Multi-award winning magazine which has been published since 2003
  • Publishes aviation and lifestyle news and features for C-level executive audience
  • Contact information on website

Internet Technology

49. Website Magazine

  • Dispenses practical advice to website owners
  • Fill out contact form on website if you wish to contribute to magazine

50. Mission Critical

  • Magazine for data center and emergency backup power professionals
  • Contains practical solutions for managers, designers, owners and operators of data centers and emergency data backup installations
  • Editorial contact information posted on website

51. eWeek

  • Has been published for 25 years
  • Content for enterprise IT professionals with reports on hardware, software and services that support their business
  • Would suggest ordering copy of print magazine and checking masthead for editorial contact information

Industrial and Manufacturing

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52. Timberline

  • Published monthly and marketed for the logging, pallet, sawmill, wood processing, and sawmill industries
  • Includes information about latest equipment and technology, ideas for generating new business and industry news
  • Editorial contact information on website

53. Practical Welding Today

  • Bimonthly magazine
  • Publishes how-to information, practical applications and advice for welders
  • Editor’s contact information posted on website

54. North American Quarry News

  • National trade magazine for hot-mixed asphalt, aggregate and ready-mixed concrete producers
  • Publishes news, features on producers sharing how they are doing things differently or better than others in the industry
  • Editorial contacts provided on website

55. Quick Printing Magazine

  • Publishes stories of interest to the graphic arts industry
  • Subscribers who indicate they are involved in wide-format printing receive a Wide-Format Imaging bi-monthly print supplement
  • Editorial contact information posted on website

In-Flight Magazines

In-flight magazines are distributed at no charge to each seat of a flight by an airline. Many carriers use the magazines to provide information to their passengers about their fleet; however, these magazines also feature information about interesting destinations and other information.

56. Air Canada EnRoute

  • Looking for fresh travel stories with a four-six month lead time
  • Accepts pitches on food and drink, design and architecture, style, technology, sports, social trends, arts and culture, destinations, etc.

57. WestJet Magazine

  • Magazine is divided into four sections: Seek, Roam, Feast and Features
  • Seeks stories about Westjet destinations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and the Caribbean within these categories

58. Alaska Airlines Magazine

  • Over 75 percent written by freelancers; Journal Dept. best way for new writers to break in
  • Pay ranges from $150-$250 for short journal articles (200-600 words) to $700 for features (2,000-2,500 words)

59. Horizon Edition Magazine

  • Monthly in-flight magazine for Horizon Air, with a readership of 574,000 travelers between the ages of 35-54
  • Seeking high-quality business and travel stories with a strong focus on the Northwest
  • Pay rates from $100 for 200-500 news article and profiles to $450 for features (2,000-2,500 words)

60. Zing Magazine

  • Magazine from Liat, the Caribbean airline; published quarterly from the UK
  • Queries accepted by email or regular mail; editor suggests taking time to get to know publication before making contact
  • Freelance writers who can provide original photographs will be in a “strong position” with this publication

61. Hemispheres and Rhapsody (United Airlines)

  • Airline has two in-flight magazines: Hemispheres, for business travelers, and Rhapsody, a luxury magazine
  • Download press kit for Rhapsody for contact information for both publications (e-mail for writer guidelines)

62. Southwest: The Magazine

  • Official magazine of Southwest Airlines; read by more than five million travelers each issue
  • Website has archives of back issues available for review
  • Request a press kit or email editor directly to request submission guidelines

63. N by Norwegian

  • Norwegian Air Shuttle’s in-flight magazine; airline specializes in low-cost, long-haul flights to destinations in Europe, Asia and North America
  • Back issues posted online for your review
  • Download the media kit for contact information to request writer’s’ guidelines

64. Qantas Spirit of Australia Magazine

  • Provided on board Qantas flights and in airline’s lounges
  • Content includes sections on news, spirit, food, style, travel, business and culture
  • Contact Editorial on web page for writers’ guidelines

65. British Airways High Life

  • British Airways’ magazine includes articles on holiday destinations, fashion, restaurant reviews, food, best of lists, etc.
  • See Website and magazine enquiries on contact page for link to request guidelines

These are just some examples of the places to find magazine writing jobs. If you are contacting an editor for the first time, do share some information about your background and education that will let them know why you are a good fit for the story idea you are pitching. It’s a good idea to include a couple of clips (writing samples) as well, so that the editor can get an idea of your writing style as well.