10 Freelance Writing Jobs You Might Not Have Considered

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If you’ve got writing chops and can offer your service to others, you can make a comfortable living – despite the belief that all writers are starving artists. However, not everyone is successful in their writing ventures. It all depends on the time and effort you’re willing to put into the career and the kinds of jobs you pursue.

There are thousands of different writing jobs out there, many of which you probably didn’t realize existed. So, here are some alternative freelance writing jobs you may not have considered.

Alternative freelance writing jobs

1. Copywriting for Websites

Anyone who builds a website needs copy. Oftentimes, companies will hire a freelance writer to draft web text for them. As a web copywriter, you’ll draft landing pages, homepages, contact forms, and even blog posts.

2. Customized Product Text 

Customization in products is huge in commerce right now. Aside from writing the description of the process, you may also be asked to come up with original quotes, creative sayings, or other text that can be printed on home goods or photo canvases.

3. Drafting Catalog Descriptions

As a description writer, you’ll draft descriptive paragraphs with the intent to sell a product. It’s fairly dull work, but it can certainly pay the bills without a lot of mental effort. Much of catalog descriptions are being written for eCommerce platforms now, but there are also plenty of print additions that appear in the mail and storefronts.

4. Instructional or Curriculum Writing

The text drafted from this job is used in educational content. There’s a much to be written for students of all ages, including online courses, standardized test questions, lessons, tutorials, and study aids. Now that you know this writing job exists, you’ll see a big need for this kind of writing. Contacting local school districts, colleges, and private institutions is a great way to get started in this field.

5. Novel Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting comes in many forms – one of the most popular being copywriting for business blogs. But there are also people looking for ghostwriters for novels. If you write creatively and are looking for more experience in this field, writing novels, autobiographies, and other long works is an excellent way to make a little money in your craft.

6. Content Marketing

The scope of a content marketer extends beyond writing, though you’ll do a lot of that. You’ll primarily be responsible for creating and marketing blog posts for a business’s blog. Oftentimes, you’ll work with a team to make this happen. Aside from writing, you’ll do a lot of research, editing, social media marketing, emailing, graphic design, and advertising. If you like the written word, but want to vary your skill set, this is a great way to do it. 

7. Direct Response Writing

Direct response copywriting is a form of content marketing that’s meant to generate impulse and immediate responses from customers. It often involves creating calls to action on web pages, newsletters, and emails. The words you write will be measured based on consumer responses to the text. Whether positive or negative, these responses help marketing teams improve their strategies. 

8. Real Estate Copy

Although real estate ads tend to focus more on visual aspects, text is still a very important part of the selling process. Advertisements for properties in newspapers, flyers, brochures, and online listings don’t write themselves, and oftentimes, it’s the compelling text that causes buyers to act. If you have a knack for describing things in their best possible light, this career path is for you.

9. Resume Writing

Getting an interview for a new job often depends on the resume presented, but writing a cover letter and resume is very difficult for many people. Job seekers may be qualified, but if they don’t look good on paper, they’re unlikely to pass the initial screening process. As a result, there’s a large demand for hiring a writer to draft these documents. People will pay top dollar for this skill.

10. Speech Drafting

Most elected officials and celebrities don’t write their own speeches. A talented creative writer drafts the words they say. A good speech writer understands how to use rhetoric to manipulate a listener’s emotions and create a connection with an audience. Again, this is a talent unique to those who have studied the written word, and it will attract high profits for you.

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