Are blog comments working for you or against you?

No matter if you run your own blog or write a blog for a client, your blog comments at other blogs are a good way to network. I myself will click on the name of someone who leaves a good comment and have found some of my favorite reads this way. That said, your comments can also work against you; it all depends on how you play it.

What kind of comments may entice people to click your link…

  • Comments that contain personality. I usually click on comment links if the comment makes me laugh because I assume that person’s blog might make me laugh too.
  • Comments that stay on topic.
  • Comments that are nice. Nope, nice is not a weak work IMO.
  • Comments that offer up a debate in some sensible way. I.e., “I don’t agree and here’s why…” I tend to go check out links related to smart debate comments simply to see what that blogger is up to and maybe learn something new.
  • Comments that flatter the blogger – NOT kiss ass comments, but genuine interest-driven flattery. Most bloggers I know can’t resist someone who appears to like them especially if that person also left a well-thought out, smart comment.

Not every comment you leave should be left to inspire someone to click on your link though. Some comments are purely to set you up as a helpful member of that specific blog community. Comments like this include…

  • Questions that relate to the topic at hand.
  • Responses to other comments.
  • Responses to a question posed in the post.

While the sort of comment noted above may not get you a click right away they do set you up as useful and non-annoying plus gets your name and link out there. Basically these comment show that you’re into blogs because you genuinely enjoy them, not just because you think you might get a click.

Will bad comments get you noticed?

You can go the other way. You can leave the world’s worst comments and see what happens or you can take it from me, nothing will happen. Nothing useful anyhow. If you leave lame comments no one will click your link and you may have your comment deleted. Worse you may end up banned entirely from a blog or you might even get to be known as that, “stupid; mean; spammy; pain in the butt” reader.

Still if you’d like to leave bad comments here’s a primer:

Be as mean as humanly possible – “You are the dumbest blogger ever because… [words that make no sense and don’t back up said argument that I am indeed the dumbest blogger ever].” If you’re gonna be rude, back up that attitude with some substance. If you’re just mean, and have zero back-up people will assume you’re a troll – and guess what, you are.

Go off topic – Even better tell me you’re going off topic it makes my job of deleting your comment easy. For example, I get a lot of these, “Hey Jennifer, I know this doesn’t relate at all but you should read this…” – you lost me and everyone else at “doesn’t relate” and made it worse by leaving a lame link.

Try to hide your spammy link – So many spammy people leave comments like this, “Wow what a cool idea about solar panels! I totally agree with this. My favorite solar panels are actually!” You can dress up spam with niceness but bloggers aren’t stupid. You’re still spammy and you’ll still be deleted. Your link MAY survive if beyond nice you left some actual useful information that totally relates to the post at hand, but otherwise you’re toast.

Leave a novel in the making – Bonus points if you don’t press enter. I have left some really long comments at times, but only if I’m really into the topic and I try to limit myself; as in one long comment per post. I don’t keep going back to leave more and more until I take the post over. Some people will come back and leave the world’s longest comments, not once, not twice, but well over many times on the same post. It may not get you deleted but the blogger and other blog readers will probably start to sigh when they see your name, due to how obnoxious you are.

Of course there are all sorts of lame comments you can leave if you try hard enough. Above are just a few of the most annoying.

There is a right way and a wrong way to leave comments and although in the grand scheme of things comments may seem small, they can make a difference in how and if other people click your link.





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  1. Adrienne Avatar

    Ugh, I read several blogs that the majority of the 100 comments are “Good post” or “I agree”. I would be one of a few that would let a comment with more than two words. However, I read a blog that the comments are just as funny as the post and the commenters use complete sentences. Crazy concept right?

    I’ve seen the hidden spammy link and I just groan and roll my eyes. A commenter has the chance to have their name linked. Why isn’t that enough?
    .-= Adrienne´s last blog ..Increasing My Water Intake-Healthy Challenge Update =-.

  2. Juliann | Browsing the Atlas Avatar

    Sometimes I read entertaining or provocative blog comments and wish that the person would leave such interesting and entertaining comments on my blog, so I check theirs out and try to write something good on theirs.

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