Are You Passionate About Your Writing Career?

To be a freelance writer, you need to have good writing skills. That’s a given. You also need to be able to follow instructions carefully so that you clients get what they want. Having good communication skills helps you to develop good working relationships. All of these are skills that you can develop and improve on over time, but there is still a piece to the puzzle that is missing….we talk a lot about being “cool” like it’s something we should be striving for, but I wonder why we don’t value being passionate about what we do.

Being passionate about your writing and really wanting this life, combined with some good basic skills, can take you further than having excellent skills but not really caring about what you do and the clients you serve. When you have a passion for your work, you don’t really go to “work.” That doesn’t mean that some assignments (or clients) are not challenging, or that you will never be bored or have some days when as hard as you try, the words don’t come easily. Some days are like that.

Passion doesn’t mean that you will get every gig you apply for or that clients will be lined up asking to be placed on your waiting list so that you can look after their writing needs. What it does mean is that you care about your work and your clients to give everything you do your very best effort.

It means that you stick with it and keep applying for gigs, even when you don’t always get the response you are looking for. Passion means that when you clients contact you, they are treated as if they are the reason for your business, not an interruption from it. Passion makes you someone that people want to work with more than once.

Are you a passionate writer? I am.





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  1. Alex Crabtree Avatar

    Quite simply, you’re right. Passion transcends all things. Passion is pure honesty, and when others sense your passion they trust in what what you do.

  2. Samantha Avatar

    Great post, Jodee. I find that writing is one of the only things I am passionate about, instead of something I merely enjoy. I find it really shows in my work. It’s also one of the only things I haven’t gotten bored with and quit so I’m sure passion has something to do with it!

  3. JR Moreau Avatar

    At a business networking meeting two people mentioned how passionate I was about my freelance business and that at the very least I was worth talking to for ideas and inspiration. It make me so happy to hear that my passion was shining through to others in a meaningful way!

  4. Trisha Bartle Avatar

    Definitely. If I didn’t LIKE what I did, then I would have failed at freelance writing long ago. I love this job, even though it has it’s downsides and slow times.

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