Blogging Mistakes: Too Many Projects, Not Enough Time

Blogging has obviously been a successful endeavor for me, but it’s also a lot of trial and error. I often write about blogging mistakes, but one in particular has been nagging at me and I thought I’d share it with you here. Sometimes, I’m overly ambitious and start too many blog projects at the same time.

In the past, even the not-so-distant past, I launched several blogs at once without the time or resources to give them the attention they deserved. My mistake was in thinking that if one project (this blog) is a success, other successful blogs will follow. That’s true to a certain extent. However,  despite my best intentions, launching more than one  project at a time didn’t always work out for me.

Half Hearted Blogging

I remember when I launched this blog, I launched two others at the exact same time. One was a humorous look at being a work at home mom, and the other was a second writing blog. As you can see, FWJ is the only one that survived. One successful blog is a full time effort. Unfortunately, I can only do full time once. If I give a half hearted effort to my blogs, the community will put a half hearted effort in as well.  With blogging, you truly get what you give.

You Can’t Always Recreate the Same Success

Something else I learned is that not every topic is successful. I could put the same effort into three different blogs and receive three different results. Also, what works for another blogger, might not work for me. Passion shines through and people can tell when you’re just going through the motion. My unsuccessful blogs were those that didn’t inspire my passion.

Lesson Learned

Here’s your take away: Sometimes, OK, many times, it’s better to see projects through to fruition than to think we can launch several different blogs and other projects at the same time. Blogging isn’t something you can set and forget. It requires an endless effort. Daily posting and promotion are the norm. If you’re looking to profit from your blogs, it’s another major effort to monetize. Doing it for one blog is difficult enough, trying to manage several at the same time, is nearly impossible.

Now, this blog is self sustaining. Though I have no plans on abandoning it, There are a dozen bloggers on board to provide you with quality content and the revenue allows for a small profit. If I focused on three blogs at once, I’m not sure I’d be in this same place.

I think I’d rather work at one successful blog that I’m passionate about, than have my hands in several different pots.

What about you?

Tell us, what are your blogging mistakes? Have you ever tried to launch too many projects at once?






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  1. leon hitchens Avatar

    this is something i learned from trail and error, and giving up on projects. Now i am focusing on just one technology blog instead of multiple blogs ranging from different topics.

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