The Secret Sauce to Freelance Writing on the Side

Do you want to know how to finally get started on your dream of not having to wake up at the same time every day to go to the office and stay behind a desk from 9 to 5?

The Secret Sauce to Freelance Writing on the Side

Stop dreaming and get working with the help of “The Secret Sauce to Freelance Writing on the Side”.

In this book, veteran freelance writer Jodee Redmond reveals the tricks of the trade that will help you turn a wish into reality while rocking your day job. You’ll learn from the knowledge she’s gathered over years of freelance writing.

This book is for you if you’ve got a job but are ready to transition into freelance writing. It will teach you how to plan your business, how to get funding if necessary, and how to land clients.

If you need that extra push to actually act on your dream, then this book will give you the confidence you need.

**For only $5.99, start living the freelance writing dream now!**

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These people have discovered “The Secret Sauce to Freelance Writing on the Side”, and this is what they have to say:

The ONE book you must buy this year!

freelance writerThis book is the perfect example of just how helpful and wise Ms. Redmond really is. It is easy to understand and offered in short, digestible snippets that even the busiest person can read through. I love that she starts by explaining how to do a business plan for your freelance business. This makes you think through what your goals are and how to accomplish them. She also does a good job of explaining how editors think. If you buy only one book this year about freelance writing, it should be “The Secret Sauce” by Jodee Redmond. Filled with wise advice and years of experience as a freelancer, Redmond pours her heart and soul into this book and uses her knowledge to help other writers. – Lori Soard of Promo Warriors

Highly recommended

Excellent book for the freelance market! As a writer / journalist / freelance (what do we say?!) of 20+ years, I learned much of the advice in this nifty guide the hard way, so to have it laid out in a clear and precise manner is really good.

If I was starting a writing career today, I would highly recommend reading this first – as much of the advice is where most people are likely to ‘come a cropper.’ – Mike James

Kicks Open Freelancing Door For You! [sic]

freelance writerFreelancing is not an easy gig, but this book strips away some of the fear of getting into the industry and trying to make a name for yourself and find a voice. Think of it is Freelancing 101-Freelancing 110. You learn all the basics and ins-and-outs about the stuff BEHIND-THE-SCENES which is what really helps. How editors think, what they look for, how to stand apart from everyone else trying to reach them.

Honestly, I broke in the industry the hard way and WISH I had this book six years ago when I started. but even now, it is still teaching me things about my field of work. Which in turn, makes the book kind of priceless. – Remy Carreiro

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Who is Jodee Redmond?

Jodee Redmond is a full-time freelance writer who is thrilled that she finally figured out what she wanted to be when she grew up. She has been freelancing for more than a decade and is the author of the ebook, “100 Sites that Pay Freelance Writers.” Jodee lives with her husband, two daughters, and a rescue cat named Crimson in Ontario, Canada.

Visit her online at or follow her on Twitter @jodeer.

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