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There’s a reason you’re considering a freelance writing gig: You have a story to tell.

You chose this path because you have a passion for putting words on the page. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of one day writing your own novel (perhaps you’ve even entered some writing competitions).

You’re definitely not alone – in a survey of 2,000 Americans, 15% have started writing a book

Of course, there’s no shame in this. Writing in this era means overcoming:

  • A busy schedule, where writing is constricted to your precious free time
  • Priorities to family members and your full-time career
  • Procrastination, and the dreaded Writer’s Block
  • The fear that you aren’t good enough, or that nobody will care even if you do finish

So, why haven’t you given up? Why are you still reading this article?

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Perhaps you’re…

  • …not afraid to put in the work towards your goals?
  • …still passionate about the writing craft?
  • …too stubborn to give up on your dreams just yet?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, there’s someone you need to meet (you two have quite a bit in common…)

Meet Jerry Jenkins – New York Times bestselling author, and your new mentor:

jerry jenkins your novel blueprintIf he seems familiar, there’s a good reason. Jerry is responsible for over 200+ novels, including his mega-bestselling series Left Behind, and over 72 million books sold in his nearly half-century career.

…and he started out just like you. Someone with a story burning inside them, busy with a wife, young children, and a full-time job.

Jerry’s Story

Jerry has a story he often tells, and it just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t share it:

When he was 19, Jerry took up a job as a sportswriter for a daily newspaper. One day, his editor presented him with an article he had written just the other day.

All that was written on it: “Great pictures. Bad story.”

He was crushed.

He staggered back to his supervisor and told her what happened, along with everything he should’ve changed about the article.

“There you go,” she said, “Anything you thought you should have done is what you ought to do.

It was then that he realized a very important lesson – there is nothing more valuable than a mentor who can show you exactly what you should work on.

After a thorough rewriting, the article was accepted. From then on, Jerry has vowed to be a mentor to anyone in his shoes.

So how did he get where he is now? There’s no magic answer – he did it through hard work, trial and error, and many, many failures (did you know Left Behind was his 125th novel?).

But you can cut years off of your learning curve – all you need is someone to show you the path…

That’s why Your Novel Blueprint was born.

Your Novel Blueprint – a hands-on, step-by-step guide to starting (and finishing) your own novel.

Comprised of dozens of video courses on Jerry’s proven method for writing, Your Novel Blueprint is making waves in the writing industry. In fact, it’s helped these writers finish award-winning novels of their own:

PJ Gover used Your Novel Blueprint to create Time of Long Shadows, an up-and-coming Christian thriller that has won the ACFW 2018 First Impressions contest, as well as the NCCWC Contest.

Lana Welcher Christian also used Jerry’s techniques to bring home the 2019 ACFW First Impressions award, as well as the Bethany House Aspiring Author UNW Distinguished Faith in Writing awards!

Cherie Fresonke utilized what she learned to bring home a BRMCWC Foundations Award for Contemporary Women’s Fiction, and now has a successful line of Christian self-help books and workbooks!

So, what’s in it?

This course has been meticulously edited and rewritten to reflect Jerry’s own formula for writing bestsellers in just four parts.

…which is why it doesn’t start with diving into page one.

Launching directly into the story works for some, but for most, it leaves them feeling lost 30 pages in. That’s why the first step of Your Novel Blueprint focuses on:

Laying the Foundation

This includes…

  • Creating a writing schedule you can stick to without sacrificing your priorities
  • The best exercise for generating story and character ideas (or enhancing the ones you already have)
  • The revolutionary story structure that changed Jerry’s career and led to the creation of Left Behind
  • How to master the art of Point-of-View (it’s harder than it looks!)
  • Finding your unique writing voice in just five minutes
  • How to create an outline that actually keeps you on track
  • Plus a lot more!

Once you’ve established your foundations, you can then move on…

Beginning the Writing

  • How to write an opener that hooks your reader (there’s even an entire session for perfecting your first sentence!)
  • His secret to quickly knocking out your title page, dedication, acknowledgments, and other preliminary pages during your first brief work session – giving you a powerful sense of accomplishment and momentum
  • Becoming, as Jerry likes to describe, a ferocious self-editor
  • The technique to writing a killer first page (this is the #1 reason most manuscripts don’t make it past the slush reader’s desk)
  • And lots more!

At this point, it’s time to start…

Establishing a Routine

  • Tips for raising the stakes for your characters and crafting high-energy scenes to keep your reader glued to the page
  • The art of the Inciting Incident – how to change your character’s life in just one (extremely important) scene
  • 15 traits of a great villain (which you need), and the most common rookie mistakes when writing bad guys
  • His failsafe technique for writing cliffhangers…and not just at the end of chapters!
  • What Jerry calls his “Author’s Golden Rule”, which should be kept in the heart of anyone wanting to make it in the industry
  • And a lot more!

Finishing Well

  • How to keep your ideas fresh and flexible, all the way to the last page
  • The power of the plot twist – and how to actually make one work
  • Creating a climax that leads to a perfect ending
  • The 2 simple secrets to writing the ending that reader’s never forget
  • How to start shopping your manuscript to agents and publishers
  • And of course, a lot more!

…and that takes us all the way to the end. By now, you’ll have your finished manuscript in your hands.

If it sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. This course is packed with every tip, trick, and bit of insider advice from Jerry’s 40+ years in the industry.

And if that wasn’t enough…the bonuses are FREE

Jerry has also generously added some fantastic FREE bonuses to Your Novel Blueprint! Now with each purchase, you will receive…

  • A thorough critique on your first ten pages, given by an award-winning author of Jerry’s choosing
  • Jerry’s personal feedback on your story idea in a recorded video just for you
  • Access to the members-only Your Novel Blueprint Facebook group, where you can meet like-minded friends, share critiques, and cheer each other on!
  • The Query Letter and Proposal Package – all of Jerry’s advice on how to write proposals, impress agents, and more!
  • An exclusive invitation to join Jerry and other members in a daylong, in-person writer’s meetup!

So, it must be pretty expensive…

Compared to the cost of a Master of Fine Art’s Degree in Fiction writing at $30,000, Your Novel Blueprint is a steal at $1,997.

That’s a one-time price, not a subscription. Just pay once, and the 40+ years of mentorship are yours forever – you can take as much time as you need to finish the course (or even revisit for your second novel!)

Or, if you like, you can join for $197 a month, for 12 months – that means access to the entire course, at a payment plan to fit your schedule.

And hey – if you decide you aren’t satisfied within the first 30 days of purchasing, simply send Jerry’s team an email. They’ll promptly issue you a full refund – no guilt trip, no pressure, no questions asked.

Want to learn more?

Click here for all the details and start your novel under Jerry’s guidance today.

P.S. Registration ends on August 26, Friday, so don’t dilly dally! 🙂






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