Considering Leaving Your Office Job for a Freelance Career?

Longing for the freedom that comes with joining a freelance workforce? You are not alone – over 60% of office workers claim that they have considered leaving their current job for one that gives them the flexibility of working from home. 

If you want to get beyond your commute like so many others have done and join the thousands of people who are building a freelance career while working from home, there are a number of aspects of the life of a freelancer that are important to know.

Will you be productive? 

When you are considering transitioning to a freelance career working from home, perhaps the most important element is to ask yourself how best to make sure you can be productive when working on your own time.

The good news is that the odds are in your favor. According to work from home statistics, nine out of ten people who start working remotely love it so much that they never want to work in another way again. In addition, three quarters of remote workers say that they are more productive at home than they ever were in a traditional office atmosphere. 

popularity of freelancing

That being said, it’s still good policy to create work parameters for yourself that would be similar to a standard work day. For example: 

  • Follow a specific daily and weekly schedule: By following a regular weekly schedule it is easier to train yourself to get work done without cramming or avoidance. Your schedule will also want to include breaks so that you can beat stress. 
  • Do what you can to unplug distractions during your established work hours: Turn off your phone and try to avoid things like social media or text messaging over the time that you are supposed to be focused on a project. There are a number of useful apps that can help you remain disciplined when it comes to the time you spend online. Also, it may help to learn to shut off notifications that can take your attention elsewhere.
  • If you need to get out of the house in order to find a place to focus you can hit up coffee shops, libraries or office shares. In virtual offices, it is possible to get the perks of an office environment, like having supplies available, without compromising on flexible hours. 

The Freelance Lifestyle

The responsibility of being your own boss can really be lovely when working as a freelancer. You make your own hours, only take the projects that you want to do, and work from your own home. You have the flexibility you need to create your own work-life balance, which means making sure you have time to care more effectively for children or loved ones and to keep up with friendships. 

Some tips on life as a freelancer: 

  • When you work from home, it’s even more crucial to keep up your personal relationships, as over 20 percent of workers cite loneliness as their biggest struggle. 
  • When you run your own finances, try to keep track of everything, particularly your expenses so you can do your taxes efficiently. Self-employment tax is something to be aware of and it’s crucial to keep on top of withholding part of your salary so you don’t get blindsided at tax time. There are apps and programs that can help you get this done simply and without as much stress. 
  • Keep honing your craft. That means finding articles and mentors in the field that can teach you tips and tricks to keep your writing up to date with the most modern best practices. There are also courses on writing that you might want to look at to keep up with your writing skill. 
  • Obviously, once you are working on your own, your employer is no longer providing insurance. Look to the freelancer’s union regarding insurance
  • Stay connected with peers by networking with other freelance writers on forums or sites dedicated to the life of freelance writing, that way you keep up with innovations in the industry. 

Market yourself

As you launch your freelance career, realize that you are basically your own corporation. You might even want to incorporate yourself. Because you are a one-person business, you have to be your own marketing department too. Some ideas on how to make sure you are in the right spotlight

  • Never stop pitching. It can be frustrating when content ideas are shot down but keep hustling. 
  • Creating your own blog is a great way to showcase your work. If you have an idea that doesn’t get picked up, but you know will make great content, write it for yourself. A blog is an important part of your marketing strategy, giving you a portfolio to show potential clients. 
  • Create a marketing plan that outlines goals and growth potential. Focus on how you might expand your business in the future and what you will need to get there. 

Once you are on the road to your freelance career, the sky is the limit. So, it’s up to you to create the logistical pathway to get you on track to exactly where you want to be. 

About the author:

Sarah Archer

Sarah is a Content and PR manager at Your Best Digs. She’s passionate about evaluating everyday home products to help customers save time and money. When she’s not putting a product’s promise to the test, you’ll find her hiking a local trail or collecting stamps in her passport. 





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