Corporate Blogging – It’s Just Smart Business!

Recent reports and surveys are showing more business owners are getting plugged into blogging and social media as a means to connect with potential online clients and have a little extra marketing.

With blogging, these two targets are easily obtainable – that’s considering you do everything ‘by the book.’

Blogging has proven itself to be a great method of spreading the word potential consumers and clients about your products or services. It’s also proven to be a great medium to connect business owners with their existing customers in a very “hands on” approach to customer service.

The technology behind blogging makes it super easy, and in some cases, automated, to spread information about anything you want:

– company news
– new products and services
– marketing campaigns
– special promotions
– customer loyalty promotions

Blogging also provides a medium that allows business owners a way to establish real relationships with the people who of exceptional value:

– clients
– affiliates
– employees
– potential JV partners
– media supporters

As a business owner, the key to having a successful blog is having a clear goal for every step of your blogging.

With this in mind, I personally recommend at least drafting a plan that may include:

– How often you will update
– How you will promote your blog
– How you will retain readers
– Will you feature photographs or video

This is a plan I use each time I begin a new blog.

What are some factors that may not be listed here that could be beneficial to others who are about to embark on blogging on a corporate or business level?





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  1. Carol Avatar

    I think the most important of those points is “know how you will promote the blog.” A lot of small business owners seem to think the blog IS their marketing strategy — not understanding that the blog merely creates the marketing tool — then you have to use it.

    Many entrepreneurs also don’t understand how long it takes for a blog to get traction. I just had one small business client pull the plug after a big six weeks because “it’s just not getting the results we want” — after, of course, they didn’t bother to post half the entries I gave them, and nobody ever marketed the posts in social media.

    I keep threatening to create an ebook for owners that describes how the whole process works, so they understand it up front…it’s sad to see blogs fail because the owner doesn’t get how to do it.

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