Dealing with One of “Those” Days

Dear Jodee,

How can I get back on track when my day starts off in a frustrating way (rejection e-mail, snarky communication from a client, etc.)? I work from home and I find it challenging to get focused on what I need to do when I’m faced with something disappointing or frustrating when I first sit down at my desk.

What can I do to refocus my attention on the work I have in front of me?

Miffed in the Morning

Dear Miffed,

It’s hard to stay focused when your day starts off in a frustrating manner. People who work from home have an extra challenge because they don’t have coworkers they can vent to about things that happen to them during the day.

I find that if I stay focused on the thing that made me feel disappointed or frustrated, it tends to set the tone for the rest of the day. Being rejected isn’t pleasant. It’s OK to let yourself feel disappointed if you were passed over for a gig you really wanted, but the decision has been made and the matter is out of your hands. All you can do is move on to something else that will be a better fit.

If a client’s communication has got you down, try to cut him or her a little slack. You have no idea what may be going on in that person’s life. The best approach to a little snark is to ignore it and continue to behave in a professional manner.

Getting away from your desk for a few minutes can help. Have a cup of coffee or tea.Take a few deep breaths, and regroup. Call a friend if you need to vent. Give yourself a few minutes to regroup, and do your best to put the source of your frustration out of your mind.

Continuing to dwell on it will set you up for a day that continues to be a series of frustrations.

How do you get back on track when your day has started off in a frustrating way?


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  1. Derek Thompson Avatar

    I’d recommend going for a quick win. Whether it’s that pitch email you’ve been meaning to send off or a trawl of your favourite freelance writing gigs site!

  2. Chris Avatar

    Since you don’t have a place to vent about things that have gone wrong, consider getting involved with an online writer’s community. You can discuss daily woes and get encouragement from others in the same position.

  3. Robert Avatar

    That is very good advice to always start the day on as positive a note as possible. Thank you.

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