Do You Send Out Holiday Cards to Clients? You Should!

The Holiday Season is a great time to reach out to your clients by sending them a holiday card. If you aren’t sure which holiday they celebrate there are a number of generic “Seasons Greetings” cards you can choose from.

Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and clients are no different. When you send them a holiday greeting, whether it’s an actual card that you send by snail mail or an e-mail, you are letting them know that they are important to you. Without them, you don’t have one.

Take the time to thank the people you have worked with this past year for their business and for contributing to your success. Include a sincere wish for their continued success as well.

Not only is that is a way to keep your name in front of your clients for future assignments, but it is the right thing to do. If you want to have a successful freelance writing business, you need to build strong relationships with the people you are working with. So, make a list and send out your cards or e-mails.

Any steps that you can take to spread a little positive energy around can only be a good thing.





5 responses
  1. Amanda Nicole Avatar

    I’ll definitely be doing this. I have it in my planner for Dec 1! Just looking for a good site with nice e-cards for free.

  2. Kristen Avatar

    I always send out holiday cards to my clients. The ones that I am close to, I send the picture of my kids. It gets them on a more personal level (and I have received picture cards back from them!). For others, I send a standard, professional holiday card.

  3. Phil Avatar

    Though it’s already passed, Thanksgiivng cards can be a better idea, they don’t tend to get as lost in the shuffle.

  4. Write and Earn a Living Avatar

    What a great idea! We all are so busy but what better time then the holidays to show appreciation.

    We know how powerful blogs are because of the personal touch, so it’s no stretch to see why sending a card can accomplish the same thing.

  5. Natalia Avatar

    Any recommended greeting card sites that might be particularly appropriate for professional purposes?

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