The Dos and Don’ts of Writing an Amazing Blog Post

amazing blog posts

Editor’s note: This post was written by Cari Bennette, freelance writer, editor and content creator for JetWriters blog. She has around 4 years experience in blogging and does her best to write excellent posts and share her blogging tips with others. Contact her on Twitter.

amazing blog posts

Writing an amazing blog post seems to come so easy for some writers. They have the perfect selection of flowing words that captures the essence of every idea.

And for others, well, it’s a struggle. A struggle that shows in the numbers: posts with no comments, meagre social shares and zero sales. And it can be mighty frustrating not knowing what to do.

The good news is that blogging is a learnable skill, and with a bit of practice and perseverance, one that can be mastered.

So, before you throw in the blogging towel, have a look at the following blogging do’s and don’ts. We’ve compiled this list of the most common advice from some of the blogosphere’s leading experts – which we’re happy to share with you here for your continued blogging success.

What to Do For Amazing Blog Posts

Do find your focus and stay on topic. To be effective, you need to know your niche and target audience with all of their concerns, problems and interests.

Do be yourself. Develop your own voice that your readers can relate to.

Do be generous. Include links in your post to relevant information your readers will find useful.

Do include images (and create your own ones). Photos, charts and infographics are all good for breaking up the monotony of the printed word.

Do respond to comments. Engage with your readers, and your readers will engage with you.

Do post to social media. Don’t be shy; let everyone know when you’ve published a new post.

Do visit other blogs. Read, comment and contribute where appropriate.

Do be consistent with your publishing schedule. Disappointing readers with hit-and-miss postings is not the best way to develop reader loyalty.

Do use bullets and lists. These posts are popular, effortless to scan and shareable on social media.

Do write daily. Keep your writing fluid with daily practice and remember you don’t have to publish daily.

Do proofread. Grammar and spelling mistakes show poor form, making it hard to be taken seriously. Refer to writing & editing online tools or services like JetWriters.

Do make sure your content is unique. Keep it well-organized, pertinent, informative, entertaining and of interest to your readers.

Do keep it simple; short words and short sentences please.

Do learn to write outstanding headings. Great headings are the best attention grabbers.

Do include social media icons. Make it simple to share your amazing writing.

Do let guest writers contribute. Your readers will appreciate the fresh POV; many great writing websites encourage guest posting.

Do keep your blog easy on the eyes. Keep it uncluttered and easy to read.

amazing blog posts

And Some Don’ts to Avoid

Don’t prattle on. If your topic’s a meaty one, break it up into two parts or a series.

Don’t posture. Cite references and resources, and don’t try to claim the work of others as original ideas. Give credit where credit is due.

Don’t publish when angry (or drunk). Oh, the regrets…

Don’t hit publish without one final, polishing proofread. Let your post simmer a bit.

Don’t write for the search engines. Apply sound SEO techniques of course, but you must write for your audience.

Don’t let the nay sayers get under your skin. Keep focused and committed, and learn to shrug off doubts.

Don’t try to be too clever. You’ll lose a lot of readers who just won’t get what you’re referring to.

Don’t ignore your readers. Answer their questions, respond to their Tweets, and survey them to better understand their needs.

Don’t compare yourself with others. Instead, compare your progress to when you started and become a better writer.

Don’t give up too quickly: perseverance will win in the end.

Don’t forget to use tags. They make it easy for readers to find related posts on your site.

Don’t be afraid to hit the publish button. Unread blog posts will never attract readers, no matter how brilliant they may be.

So, if you’re struggling with writing amazing blog posts, don’t give up just yet. Read, and apply, the above blogging tips before you make that decision. You, and your readers, may happily find that with a bit of tenacity, you’ll be writing blog posts just like the pros.





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    Kambam Bal Reddy

    “Good Parent + Better Teacher =Best Student.” “Today’s reader is tomorrow’s leader”

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      Kambam Bal Reddy

      “Read to lead.” “Decision is yours——–Dedication is ours………”

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    “100% Teaching -100% Learning.”. “Sincerity,hardwork and dedication are the true steps for SUCCESS”

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    80% Hard work+20% Luck=100% Success

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    I say good advice!

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