Essential Tips for an Effective Freelance Writing Career

One of the professions that the advent of the internet has truly radicalized is writing. The internet is a content based medium and, as such, it relies on writers to produce the materials that people will read. Web designers may produce web sites and technical guys can bring that web site online but without content, a visitor to a web site will have nothing to read and, will not come back after seeing an empty site.

If you are starting out a freelance writing career then you will be joining countless other people who have found career fulfillment writing for various web sites and portals. Each writer will have their own secrets to success but the following tips are some of the most essential you should definitely follow:

  • Set up a conducive work environment. You don’t necessarily need to have a dedicated home office (although it will help), but make sure that your workspace is a perfect place for working. It should be comfortable, quiet and equipped with all of the material and hardware you will need for your work. A conducive work environment is not just about space, remember it’s about the “environment”. This includes your family. They should be made aware that even though you are at home, you are working.
  • Research about marketing and other business skills. Freelance writing oftentimes mean that you have to look for projects. This means you should brush up on your business skills. Research on how to properly market yourself and communicating with companies and potential employers. Try to professionalize your service by having professional letterheads printed. Nothing says “pro” than official looking materials.
  • Show off your skills at all times. You are selling your ability to write, so make sure that all written materials that originate from you are of topnotch quality – and that includes your emails and all of your correspondences with potential clients. Nothing will kill chances of landing a project more than a poorly written email.
  • Be professional at all times. Professionalism should be followed in every aspect of your career. One of the most crucial displays of professionalism is by meeting deadlines. Consistently meeting the deadlines that has been set by your clients will ensure that you get more business from them in the future.
  • Be flexible. Expect that there will be clients that will ask for revisions, alterations or any kind of changes on your submitted articles. This is part of the job, do it with a smile on your face.






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  1. James Tennant Avatar

    Great article. Perfect advice for newbies.

  2. Faith Stewart Avatar

    This is a great piece for those new to the craft and those that are struggling.

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