Freelance Writing Jobs is Back in Action

To everyone who patiently waited as the Splashpress Media team worked through the technical glitches inherent in moving a big site from one place to another, thank you!  And to those of you who tried to help the tech team figure out what was wrong by leaving comments explaining what was happening on your end, thank you!

I’ve been told that it looks like the home page updating problem has been fixed, which is great news!  It took some time, but the tech team kept at it until they figured out the problem. Let’s face it, tech people always hear the complaints when things aren’t perfect on the user’s end, but they rarely get the appreciation they deserve.  Thanks to all the tech gurus who helped in the effort to get Freelance Writing Jobs back into action!

With that said, if you’re still having problems, leave a comment and let us know what’s happening.  There is still work to be done to make Freelance Writing Jobs even better in terms of design and performance, and unfortunately, updating a site almost never happens without bumps in the road.  We’ll get there and the site will be better than ever!  Again, thanks for being patient!

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