Day 5: Update Your Reading, 5 Ways to Enhance Your Writing Skills

Picture 5There’s nothing like finding a blog you love or a columnist that says exactly what you’re thinking. Often at FWJ we are accused of being mind readers and though I’d love to have all the readers of Freelance Writing Jobs spend $9.99 a minute to call in so I can read their writing tea leaves, we are actually just writing about what we live and questions we have had or have been asked. We try to evolve here, meet our readers needs, etc. and your other daily, weekly reading favorites should do the same.

When’s the last time you looked at the blogs you read and the columnist you follow? How about the last time you Googled freelance writing or freelance writer? There are a lot of new sites out there, sites that have moved up in readership/rank and sites that you may not have considered reading before and it may be time to find some new reading materials.

Writers want to grow in their craft. We want to increase our business profits, our writing prowess and sense of fufillment. Periodically, we need to take a look at our go-to materials and leaders. Don’t think I’m pushing you away from Freelance Writing Jobs – not likely since I love my job and like hanging out with you all on a weekly basis!

It’s simple – good writers read other good writers and great writers not only read their regular enlightened word wonders, they seek out new ones. The writers you follow don’t have to be experts, they don’t have to be the Hemingway of blog marketing or tech writing, they only need to have three things: good information, engaging content and a point of view.

FWJ has gone from single blog from Deb Ng to a thriving network with writers enthusiastic about their subjects, have you checked them all out? There’s no better place to start looking for more writers to read than right here:

Blogging for a living? Check out Jennifer’s blog at FWJ

Lay or Lie? If you don’t know, check out Dawn’s blog at FWJ

Getting ready to make the leap to full-time freelancing? Hang out with Bob at his FWJ blog

On the hunt for freelance writing gigs? Hit Jodee up!

Want to have some fun in your freelancing, take the load off for a minute? Lorna will crack you up!

Hey FWJ crew, which writers or blogs do you follow?


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