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As I’ve mentioned a few times now, and will probably continue to mention until the novelty of a new baby wears off, I just had my second child.  Obviously, I had a little advanced warning that this major disruption would be happening to my schedule.  All of my clients were put on notice…

After all, I was planning to take the month of October off, with only this blog to “worry” about.  So, everyone else was told that I’d do as much as I could for them, up to the last possible moment, but that I was off limits as soon as I went to the hospital.

That lasted about nine days.

The next thing I knew, there were these requests in my in box, and I started seeing dollar signs and feeling like I had way more energy than I expected.  All of a sudden, I was saying “yes” to batches of keyword articles and writing newsletters at the conclusion of 2 a.m. feedings.  My business partner was telling me to slow down and offering to take stuff off my plate, but I was just unable to stop myself.

I am pacing myself a bit, however.  I’ve only accepted a couple of smaller projects, and those clients that are more, um, “high maintenance” have all been put on a need-to-know basis regarding my availability.  It doesn’t hurt that my husband is on paternity leave, either.  With him, a mother’s helper, and an infant that actually sleeps (she’s currently doing so on my chest), I may actually get a few extra projects squeezed in during my self-proclaimed month “off.”

After that, though, it’s back to this:

Thanks to N.C. Winters at Freelance Switch’s Freelance Freedom for once again perfectly summing up the freelance lifestyle.  If you all aren’t already clued in to this awesome comic strip, you should DEFINITELY spend some time reading through these.  If it wasn’t a violation of copyright, I think I’d have about half of them printed out and stuck to my walls, computer, and bathroom mirror!







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  1. Anita Avatar

    Love the strip! Congratulations on the new little blessing! You’re my hero…when my little ones were sleeping on my chest I was sleeping too! lol

  2. Debra Stang Avatar

    Congratulations on your second child!

    Your schedule sounds kind of like mine after my hysterectomy. At first I wasn’t going to be doing any writing at all, then for “just this one desperate client,” and before I knew it, my dance card was as full as ever. I guess it’s nice to feel needed. 🙂

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