7 Fun Gifts for Writers

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and if you celebrate it, you’re already thinking of gifts – either what gift you want to receive or what gift you want to give.

Whatever the case may be, I took a look around for some fun gifts for writers. I tried to limit my choices to cool gifts that are affordable at the same time, so you can be generous – give them to your partner, your writing friend/s, or yourself.

Fun gifts for writers

1. World’s Okayest Writer

fun gifts for writers

I’m not sure which is more annoying – the idea that you’re just “okay” or the formation of the superlative! I’d love to give this to a friend, though. Wouldn’t you?

2. I’m A Writer What’s Your Superpower

fun gifts for writers

Spot the error. Just use a marker to correct it.

3. Writer’s Block: J. R. R. Tolkien

fun gifts for writers

I adore this. Every time you feel stuck, take a look at the block and you might just get a break. The shop that sells this block offers designs featuring other writers.

4. Bookmark? You Mean Quitter Strip Mug

mugs for writers

What can I say?

5. I Turn Coffee Into Books Mug

mugs for writers

This line we’ve heard/read lots of times, but it works. Everytime. Even if there’s a period missing.

6. Poe Me Some More Coffee Mug

fun gifts for writers

If you’re getting me a gift, this one’s a good choice. I don’t do hints.

7. Inspiration Dice Mega Set

fun gifts for writers

Help your writer friends when they get stuck with these writing prompts in mini cubes.

Which of these gifts would you give? Which would you want to receive?

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3 responses
  1. Francesca Nicasio Avatar

    LOVE the dice mega set. I can definitely see my self rolling these around when I’m stuck or just need a quick break from writing. I just might gift this to myself for Valentine’s Day.

    Thanks for the great list!

    1. Noemi Tasarra-Twigg Avatar
      Noemi Tasarra-Twigg

      You’re welcome!

      As for the dice, they remind me of those stress balls made of metal or porcelain that you just keep rolling around. Definitely a stress buster, too.

  2. Remen Zack Avatar
    Remen Zack

    I need a mug, that’s for sure. If I ever had one, that would make my Valentine’s day and my whole life!!!

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