Funny English Signs

Funny English Signs

We all make mistakes. There really is nothing wrong with that as long as we can take constructive feedback. A little sense of humor and the ability to laugh at ourselves make everything better. Understandably, we might find it easier to chuckle when the mistake is not ours! Still, that does not mean that we should not make it a point to be open to admitting our mistakes and making sure they are corrected.

All this talk about mistakes stems from the topic of today’s grammar post. I think it’s about time we have a little fun, and take a look at some funny English signs again. While I am a stickler for grammar, especially when it comes to specific situations, I also like looking at humorous signs that may not live up to my standards. This is a good way to spend a 5- or 10-minute break from work. Try it!

Our first sign highlights the difficulty that prepositions pose for a lot of people.

Funny English Signs
No Parking Above Sign

Native English speakers may not think about it much, but the issue of prepositions is something that many learners of the language face. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if even native English speakers make preposition slips now and then. I hope that it is not this kind of mistake, though. It is kind of hard to park above a sign – unless you are a bird who “parks” on a wire!

You’re no stranger to, are you? They have some of the funniest signs I have seen, and since I have a sweet tooth, this just cracked me up.

Funny English Signs
We Free Dessert

I suppose that if desserts could speak, they would tell us that they are in bondage, hoping to be freed from people like me who gobble them up!

Now this is the kind of mistake that I find more irritating than funny. Some people are just too caught up in themselves thinking that they are superior to others. I believe those people are bound to mess up at one point, and sure enough, whoever made this sign made a fool of himself. ((Via Real Life Moron))

Funny English Signs
English Is Our Language

We all have our unforgettable experiences, but this sign confuses me.

Funny English Signs
An Forgettable Experience

What I do know is that the only time I rode a jet ski is an experience I will never forget. My throat and arms did not forget for a while, as well!

I saved the most hilarious one in my book for last.

Funny English Signs
Eat Here and Get Gas

So who wants to give this restaurant a go? Thanks to Vappingo for this photo. ((Vappingo))

Do you have other funny English signs to share?






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  1. allena Avatar

    Crestwood. We’re xenophobic AND dumb.

  2. Isabel Avatar
  3. Susan Avatar

    LOL Noemi! I wouldn’t go in there!

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