Helpful Reminder – Using Blog Images for Increased Traffic

On Sundays I tend to go over stats for all my blogs – both my own and my client’s blogs too to see how traffic is looking. I’m currently writing for around 9 or so blogs and while they’re all about different topics (or have different slants) all but two of these blogs have one traffic perk in common – images – meaning, an insane bulk of page views at the places I write comes directly from image searches.

With this in mind I thought it would be a good time to remind you to use images wisely. It’s not just any old images that pull in traffic. You need to label your images correctly. Here’s a short how-to…

  1. Choose a good place to score free images that you won’t get sued for using.
  2. Find your perfect image – in fact I’ll do this now. I’m going with this tree image.
  3. Now change the title of the image to fit your post. This is key! When I right click on the image to save it for later use the saved title is 1225136_29655871 – of course no one on earth searches Google (or any other) images for “1225136_29655871” which means if I leave it as is I’m killing off potential traffic.
  4. How you label your image depends on the post you’re writing. For example I could re-label this image; “sports summer camps” or “how to plant a tree” or “proper tree care” or “best landscaping trees” – it really depends on what you’re writing about. Here for example, none of those titles would work. While I doubt many bloggers search images for tips on blog traffic I’d still label this image something akin to, “Increase blog traffic” or “Free Blog Images.”

People are way more likely to find your post via a label like, “Proper tree care” vs. “1225136_29655871.” As Deb has previously noted, “In addition to saving your images using keywords, use keywords in your image descriptions and, if you can do it without looking spammy, your image captions.”

This one simple step can bring in a lot of new traffic. You also might want to check out common image mistakes that bloggers make – so you won’t make the same mistakes.

Now have you been labeling your images correctly?


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  1. Vinati Avatar

    This image driving traffic plan is very good.?I will immediately post images in my profiles.Thank you very much

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