How Do I Get Started as a Freelance Writer?

One of our readers left this comment on our 31 Free Online Writing Courses post and I thought it was a great question.

What would you suggest would be the first step in starting towards freelance writing? I keep thinking I should get some sort of degree or something, but looking at your list, I may not have to do that. Where should I begin?

Let me start by saying that if you are asking the question, “How do I get started?,” you are getting a bit ahead of yourself. A better question is to ask yourself what kind of writing you want to do and what your goals are.

If you are starting your writing career on a part-time basis while you are working elsewhere, your needs will be different than someone who is writing full-time. You may be interested in doing content writing or blogging, or you may want to focus your attention on pitching stories to print publications.

There are many, many choices available to people who want to do freelance writing. It is worthwhile to do some homework about the type of work that people in this field do and get an idea of what interests you and where your talents lie. Once you know “what” you want to do, the question of where to start will be much clearer for you.


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  1. Robert Avatar

    That’s very good advice. I have gotten ahead of myself and focused too much on landing that first gig than focusing on what type of writing I excel at. Thank you for that. Also, you made a typo. Where you wrote “Who do I start?” I think you meant “How do I start?”

  2. Jodee Avatar


    Yes, I did make a typo. Thank you for letting me know – I’ve corrected it.

  3. Zahra Brown Avatar

    I also jumped the gun when I started. I love writing but the thought of doing certain types of writing 9-5 everyday put me off. Just imagine writing a certain product for a certain audience every day until you retire. If you feel good, great. If you feel dread, choose something else. There’s so many niches out there, so there has to be something.

    The best way to get started is to start. Read around and do something, anything, to get your feet wet. If you wait for the perfect moment then you’ll be waiting forever.

  4. hadadi Avatar

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