How Do You Celebrate?

Nota Bene: All of the words in this post are merely my attempt to make the embedded video relevant to this blog. I really just wanted to share the video. So, if you don’t care about my struggle writing about yeast infections or dealing with mental clients, just click “play” already and laugh your butt off.

I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only freelance writer out here that takes on the occasional less-than-stellar project. I admit, there are times that I accept a project based solely on the fact that I want the money that goes along with finishing the task. There’s a certain article about vaginal yeast infections that comes to mind, for example.

There are other projects that just drag on fooooreeeeveeeerrrr. You know these projects. They start out sounding very simple and straightforward, and by the time you’re into the fourth line revision you finally have to admit to yourself that your client is completely insane, and you will end up making approximately nine cents an hour because you bid a flat fee at the onset.

So, there are times when I feel the need to celebrate at the close of a project. I’ll fully admit that some of these times have involved varying amounts of alcohol. Others have revolved around my calculator as I punched in numbers and reminded myself that it was all about the paycheck. This week, my reward for a particularly grueling client experience was the fact that I was able to pay to have my front yard fenced. Those celebrations are particularly sweet.

These guy, though…They know how to celebrate when they reach their goals:



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  1. Steve Avatar

    Hi Lorna:

    Most of the time with a dinner out and a nice glass of cabernet.

    Or, a trip to the bookstore for a cup of coffee and to read a book.


  2. Lorna Doone Brewer Avatar


    I love the bookstore idea. My husband and I used to actually go to the book/music/video store on “dates.”

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