How to Jumpstart Your Career As a Certified Freelance Writer

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If you think you are missing the credentials or qualifications to be professional blogger or article writer, you are not alone. There are many like you who feel proper credentials are mandatory for a successful career in this field. While writing, per se, in terms of creativity and expressing ideas in a logical sequence has little to do with qualifications, certified writers with graduate degrees or diplomas from online or other college courses have an edge over other writers and make them more employable.

If you are passionate about writing but do not know how to go about it as a professional, it is a good choice to enrol in online /offline professional writing courses like Learning Cloud. These courses not only help in deciding what kind of professional writing is best suited for you but also guides you with tips on how to monetise your passion of writing. Only when you earn from your writing that you can make a viable career out of what is currently your passion.

Websites That Pay You to Write

Here are a few tips to kick-start your career as a certified freelance writer or blogger.

Stop Doubting Your Skills

Self-doubting has stubbed the life out of many potential writers. Doubting your skills and your ideas as a writer can be detrimental to your efforts of putting yourself out there in the market place to find jobs. Believe in your abilities and believe that your thoughts and expressions are lesser to none and there is always an employer looking for the kind of writing that you produce.

Put Your Work Experience to Good Use

Initially, you might not have a portfolio of your work to show to your clients. What you can do I to leverage your previous work experience. It could be that you have experience in working in the fashion, retail, or healthcare industry. Pitch your resume highlighting your experience in the niche industry and let the marketing team there know that you understand the industry.

Know Anyone Who needs a Freelancer Writer?

It is just that you are new to the profession of freelance writing. But that does not mean you have no experience in other fields like marketing, PR or sales, by the virtue of your day-job. That’s a big network and great pool of people that you can approach and ask the question: “Know Anyone Who needs a Freelancer Writer?” It is a good idea to pitch for work to your previous employers. The more frequently you ask this simple question the better for you.

Pitch Yourself to Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies do not offer very high paying jobs. What they make up for their low paying jobs is the volume of work they offer so that you can get exposure to various types of work across an array of industries. Working for agencies, if you get a chance, will also give you the opportunity to get used to handle high volume of work – a common aspect of this industry.

If you are joining the “freelance writing for beginners” club, you might wonder how long it’s going to take to land your first client, and get paid to write. While it’s different for everybody, the sooner you take the first step, the sooner you’ll be on your way to a successful career as freelance writer or blogger. All the best!

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