I Can't Help Myself – It's Too Funny

So, if you checked out my recent post in which there’s a video of Stephen King cracking wise with Late Night host Conan O’Brien, then you may have noticed they talked a fair amount about King’s contribution to a still-growing wave of paranoia regarding clowns. If you didn’t watch the video clip but know anything about the book/movie It, then you’ll still have enough context to understand why what I’m about to share is relevant.

Anyway, that whole part of the conversation kept reminding me of a hilarious story that one of my favorite comedians (Dan Cummins) tells about the origin of his own fear of clowns. I must warn you that this is absolutely NSFW, but it’s a pretty funny story, nonetheless.

Ooh, ooh. I even just figured out how to make this post writing-related: I’m trying to pitch a story about Dan to a magazine that showcases talent to colleges around the country.







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