I said I woudn’t do this: My (first) list of Thank Yous

When I made the announcement the other day that I was selling FWJ, I said I wouldn’t be doing a long laundry list of thank you’s. It’s not that I’m ungrateful, but rather, I’m afraid of forgetting someone. However, after thinking on it for a couple of days, I decided I do want to do a list of thank you’s to the people who have encouraged, supported or inspired me. I hope I don’t forget anyone, but if I do I would like to reserve the right to add them in later.

These are the people have changed my life for the better.

Past and Present FWJ Bloggers

  • Jodee Redmond – No words can express how much I value Jodee’s friendship. In the summer of 2007, she was the first blogger hired, and has offered unwavering support.  Jodee inspires me to give back everyday and taught me the best of friends are always there for each other – even if they live in different countries.
  • Terreece Clarke – Terreece won the gig with FWJ but stayed on because she’s so awesome. She’s always had my back and I’ll always have hers.
  • James Chartrand – She started out as a member of this community and even blogged here a bit. James may not blog for FWJ anymore but we still talk often.
  • Dawn Allcot – She set me straight on the Free Lance thing, I’m glad we had Dawn to ensure proper grammar and looking the other way with all my typos. Dawn is funny and gracious and will always be someone I’m proud to call “friend.”
  • Jennifer Chait – We met in the writing forums and our friendship grew into something close and wonderful. Jennifer will always be one of my BFF’s both on and offline.
  • Lorna Doone Brewer – Never fails to put a smile on my face.
  • Bob Younce – He’s our quiet blogger, but when he talks, people listen.
  • Thursday Bram – We bonded in Austin, Thursday is on my “forever friends” list. I’m inspired by her enthusiasm and upbeat nature.
  • Carson Brackney – One of my oldest blogging friends, Carson taught me so much about being respectful in disagreement and looking at life with humor. If there’s one blog you should commit to read, it’s Carson’s.
  • Andy Hayes I think it’s safe to say I’d get more done if I didn’t spend every day Skyping with Andy. He’s my friend, my confidante and my conference buddy.
  • Laura Spencer – Laura is who I aspire to be.
  • Jennifer Escalona – Jennifer didn’t blog for us long, but she made an impact. Look forward to more good things from Jenn.


  • Chris Garrett – I don’t know what I’d do without Chris. He’s my voice of reason, my companion, my idol and my friend. My world became a better place on the day I met Chris.
  • Anne Wayman – Anne was the first freelance writing blogger I read and her kind guidance inspired me to quite my job and make a go at this thing. I owe her more than she’ll ever know.
  • Liz Strauss – Liz is one of the people I look up to most in the blogosphere. Liz’s positive approach to blogging has inspired me to take my own vow of positive. She teaches me everyday.
  • Kate Lister: Kate taught me more than how to Undress for Success. She’s generous and giving and a wonderful role model.
  • Becky McCray – Becky is my reality check. She tells it like it is and keeps me grounded. Oh. And she owns a liquor store which just rocks.
  • Mike Stelzner – I will always be grateful for Mike and his “Top 10 Blogs” for helping to put FWJ on the map.  Plus, he’s fun to drive around Vegas with, even if you don’t get to the party on time.
  • Lara Kulpa – If not for Lara, FWJ would have fallen apart over the past couple of years. I’m grateful for her help and friendship.
  • Sharon Hurley Hall – Sharon has been my friend and part of the FWJ community for years.
  • Ryan Hupfer – If I didn’t thank him, he’d stalk me everywhere until I did.
  • Nacie Carson – I hope the rest of the blogosphere soon realizes how terrific Nacie is. (Thanks for your patience, I know how terrible I am with the email.)
  • Jenn Fowler – My frugal friend for years, this is by no means goodbye.
  • Rick Calvert – the only person who is worse than me when it comes to email.
  • Brandon Eley – Knows the best barbecue joints in Austin and something about friendship too.
  • Patrick O’Keefe – Sets an example for grace, professionalism, dedication and just being a darn nice guy.
  • John Heweitt – I hope I can still make his ultra funny end of the year recap.
  • More Friends

  • Allena Tapia
  • David Peralty
  • Jeanne Grunert
  • Genesis Davies
  • Roberta Rosenberg
  • Lucretia Pruitt
  • Deb Dorchak
  • Christina Jones
  • Jade Craven
  • Jim Turner
  • Kurt Ernst
  • Joel Durham, Jr.
  • Tommy Tilert
  • Kris Smith
  • Robyn Wright
  • Yury Polnar

The following may not know this, but they’ve inspired me to work hard at this blogging thing and/or at being a better person:

More coming…I know I didn’t name everyone.

Thank you to all the above and all that I missed, Your friendship, support and inspiration will stay with me throughout my other endeavors – and life.

Deb Ng

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    9 responses
    1. Laura Spencer Avatar

      Uh, Wow!

      What an awesome list of really top-notch folk.

      What a compliment to be included. I was totally taken by surprise.

      Thanks Deb–but I think that you’re great exactly the way you are. 🙂

    2. Jodee Avatar

      Your friendship means the world to me, too, Deb, and I will always have your back. What an honour it is to be listed with all of these wonderful people.

    3. John Hewitt Avatar

      Thank you for years of providing a great place to read about freelance writing.

    4. allena Avatar

      aren’t you a gem toady? thanks!

    5. Jennifer Avatar

      Awwwww! I’m so impressed you managed creating a list like this – it’s really hard to name everyone who influences a writing career or a blog but this is a pretty darn awesome list. As for the nod; thanks and ditto! Your friendship means so much to me – and not just because you get the whole Desmond deal and let me whine when I feel like it… 🙂

    6. Leslie A. Joy Avatar

      I love to see lists like this. And what an awesome group of people!

      I feel so honored to see some of my clients on that list! 😀

    7. Becky McCray Avatar

      Deb, of course you want to do a list of thanks, or maybe two. Someone will get missed, but they’ll understand.

      You are a great gal, a networker, a wonderful dinner companion. It is my honor to be one of your supporters.

    8. Jennifer Escalona Avatar

      Wow! It’s a veritable Who’s Who of names in freelance writing and of our writing/blogging/marketing/and making-things-awesome industry in general. I’m honored to have made the list! Thank you, thank you, thank you Deb for all that you’ve done for me and for freelancers everywhere. And now, keep enjoying that swimming pool. 😉

    9. Terreece Clarke Avatar

      How did I miss this? Thanks for the shout out sweetie! YOU’RE awesome!

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