I'm Spoiled and Whiney, In Case You Hadn't Noticed

I remember when I first started this freelance writing thing.  I was working from a rickety table that was literally about 12” x 18” that was wedged in between my television and the corner of my living room.  I feel comfortable describing the table as “rickety,” because I actually built it in Jr. High School woodshop *mumble mumble* years ago.  I was busy pounding out tedious product descriptions for something like a dollar a piece and hoping to someday make it to a full-time income.

My next stab at freelancing included an actual desk, in the corner of a different living room.  I typed away as my pregnant belly forced me to sit farther and farther from the keyboard each week.  There were cords everywhere, and I delighted in the fact that I could watch Oprah while writing SEO articles.  I was up to about $5 a piece at this point.

I now know that I have become completely spoiled.  Some time ago, I got my own office.  Actually, I shared it with my business partner, but she was never there, so I had two couches, two desks, two garbage cans, two bookshelves, and the beautiful décor all to myself.  I turned the radio to the classical music station every day so as not to be distracted by songs with words in them and sat down to get real work done.  At this point, I was making about $0.10 a word.

Today is my first day in my new office.  Everything is a shambles.  There’s nothing on the walls, and the furniture is scattered willy-nilly until I can take the time to move it into every possible configuration to determine which pleases my own personal sense of feng shui the best.

And it’s driving me crazy.

How did I used to write on that little table that constantly threatened to spill its contents on the floor?  How did I get anything done with Oprah giving away cars in the background?  Right now I’m distracted by the smell of paint, so I really don’t know how I used to work from home with an infant clamoring for attention!

I guess the goal this week needs to be to work as fast as possible so that I have a little time at the end of each day to move stuff around and hang my pretties on the wall.  I may even reward myself at the end of each finished project by taking five or ten minutes to putter around in the new space.  Hm.  Writing a blog post counts, right?  Clearly this means that I can at least go set up my stereo so the classical music can soothe some of this agitation away…







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  1. allena Avatar

    ah you moved offices? I remember your pix of your office at freelance parent…. it was cute!

  2. Phil Avatar

    Rather than taking time at the end of each project — not necessarily a bad idea — you may want to take 30 minutes-hour at the beginning or end of each day to arange things. I find using time at he start of each day helps ensure that some organization gets done rather than putting things off til the next day, and the next day, and the next day and so on.

  3. Angela Avatar

    Ha ha, I can so relate to this! I recently got ergonomic furniture in my beautiful office with a sea view, and STILL complained that the backrest wasn’t quite up to scratch. I later found an old photo of me huddled over my laptop on the couch trying to type over my Westie’s head. 🙂
    .-= Angela´s last blog ..[VIDEO] NYC Gets a New Tourist Lane =-.

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