International Mom Freelance Bloggers Meetups

As a mother and blogger, you’ve got a full plate, juggling more in the way of demands than any corporate position entails as you work to please your children and your readers, all at the same time. Given the extreme importance of your dual positions, whether you blog for fun or for business, you’ve got to stay sharp at every moment.

Luckily, conferences aimed at moms with home offices are abundant, offering workshops and networking opportunities that will help you to hone your skills in every department as you learn from the busiest and best of your peers!

Connect with other moms who double as power bloggers at one of these four international mom freelance bloggers meetups:

1. Le Web Paris 2012

Le Web Paris 2012

One of the most popular European blogging conferences each and every year it’s held, this year’s iteration of Le Web promises to focus on all things new: mobile computing, blogging on the go, web 3.0 and the importance of social media.

If staying ahead of the curve is important to you as a blogger and successful freelancer, Le Web Paris offers an unbeatable venue in which to learn about what the web of tomorrow will look like, and where your publishing efforts will fit within in.

When and Where: Paris, France, the city of love and inspiration, will play host to this year’s Le Web conference from December 4-6, 2012, providing you with a professional excuse to check out and stay long enough to see the sights! For more Paris lure, see this post on some hidden city gems.

2. BlogHer Pro 2012

BlogHer Pro 2012

Known as “the” event for moms who double as freelance bloggers, BlogHer Pro will help you to close out 2012 in style and skill! This multi-track conference will feature an array of activities crammed into a single day of true intensity, including workshops and presentations aimed at helping you to be not only a better blogger, but a better mother as well.

While its planned events are something any female freelancer can look forward to, the real value in BlogHer Pro is in its bringing together of uniquely interesting women from around the world, giving every attendee the opportunity to connect with people who promise to be colleagues, business partners, clients – and friends.

When and Where: This year’s BlogHer Pro conference will take place in San Francisco, California on December 13, 2012, providing you will an unbeatable location to close out a year of blogging!

3. Mom 2.0 Summit

Mom 2.0 Summit

Set for its fourth year, the Mom 2.0 Summit is a gathering of moms who double as web professionals, bringing together a wide variety of women in various stages of their online careers and giving you the opportunity for unbeatable insight into every aspect of what you do as a blogger and as a mother.

When and Where: The beautiful seaside city of Laguna Niguel, California will provide a backdrop to this year’s Mom 2.0 Summit.

4. BlissDom 2013

BlissDom 2013

The number of women involved in online publishing is growing every day, and the popular BlissDom conference is one event that aims to bring together as many of them as possible in the name of building both skills and contact lists!

If you’re a mom and a blogger who finds room for expression and even business success through publishing content online, you’ll find yourself right at home among the wide range of women who attend BlissDom, representing everyone from brand new bloggers to ladies whose brands are recognized around the world.

BlissDom will offer a full agenda over three days of events, helping everyone who attends to leave with a clearer understanding of how blogging is changing and evolving, helping mom bloggers to build the skills they need to continue to improve their craft and increase their success.

When and Where: BlissDom ’13 is set for a date at the Gaylord Texan Hotel in Dallas, Texas, from March 21-23, 2013, giving you a great opportunity to combine a bit of southern relaxation with your professional vigor.


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