Job Hunting During the Holidays

With the Holiday Season fast approaching, it can be tempting to abandon your freelance writing job search in favor of getting together with friends, shopping, baking and other enjoyable activities. I’m all for shopping, baking, hanging out with friends and family and enjoying all the wonderful things this time of year has to offer, but you should also devote some time to connecting with prospective clients.

Be careful when you to go holiday-related events, though: chances are you are going to run into someone who will be less than encouraging about your career and your chances of getting your next gig. You know who they are: the people who tell you that there are “no jobs out there” and that you shouldn’t bother to look. That’s hearsay and you shouldn’t give it any more consideration than they do in a court of law – which is none.

Go with the evidence instead: Businesses don’t shut down completely at Christmas, and you may find that it’s easier to connect with decision-makers who are in a position to hire you at this time of year. Someone has to mind the store, after all, and the person who is most likely to be doing that is the one who has his or her name over the door (figuratively speaking).

The more often you do something to advance your job search, the better your chances of getting hired. Don’t ignore the Holidays; take some time to enjoy getting together with family and friends, but don’t be shy about telling people about what you do and telling them that you have a few openings in your schedule. You never know where your next gig is going to come from.

How do you deal with hearsay from other people? Do you find it challenging to stay focused on evidence?


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  1. Zahra Brown Avatar

    I’m increasing my marketing, so resting isn’t an option. It will NEVER be an option. Self-employment is too unpredictable to rest on your laurels. Get those jobs now so the New Year starts with a bang. You can always take some time off, but no one else is slacking off either. If they are, they can afford to because they’re employed.

  2. Issa @ Ajeva Avatar

    Jodee, I like the way this post is written like some CSI stuff. I think that there will always be people who have nothing better to do with their lives than to put other people down. I’ve faced them countless times and they don’t give much respects to freelancers at all — and I’ve rid myself of such bad company. Whatever their reason is, out of envy or spite, don’t let them get into you simply because you made a better choice with your life. Cheers!

    1. Jodee Avatar

      Thank you for the kind comment. There are certain people who just seem to thrive on negativity and they can be hard to ignore at times. No matter how bad the job market is, there are employers/clients who are hiring someone to do something. Giving up on the search guarantees that you won’t find work.

  3. Chris Avatar

    People are negative by nature. But that’s okay. The more negative others are, the more money I stand to make! As for me, I’ll stay positive–and thankful.

  4. Amudhan Avatar

    An excellent posting. I wholly agree with the author especially about people who discourage freelancers. I am surrounded by such people and every time they meet they simply tell me “You are wasting time” and some of them are kind enough to call me by phone and tell me that i am wasting time. These discouragers have become a true head ache to me and this post has proved itself to be a good medicine to me. My heartfelt thanks to the author

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