Places for Telecommuters to Work

Telcommuters need to get out of the home office sometimes. Working in bed or on the couch isn’t recommended for getting the best work done and for your sanity. But we’re all a little different and what works for some of us doesn’t always work for everyone else. If you’re feeling cooped up, try some of these options for getting your work done.


libraryIf you need a quiet place to work, try your local library next time you need a break from your home office. Just remember that this is a place that prefers quiet, so you won’t be able to have that conference call with your team in the library. But if you need a little time to turn off the cell phone, it could be just what you’ve been wishing for.

Coffee Shop

A local coffee shop or café is a great way to spend your lunch hour or a little time with your morning coffee. The corner café is busy and more low key than the library if you need to make a few calls. But if you need a little social activity and a snack, you’ll get exactly that.


If you find yourself traveling for a weekend getaway, family function, or travel for a client, a hotel isn’t a bad place to work. Work in your room when you need to be in a private location or head down to the pool or lobby for a change of scenery. Many hotel lobbies are open to the public. If you need a little time away from your home office, try the hotel downtown one morning for a fun place to work.

Back Yard or Front Porch

Sometimes a simple change of scenery is all you need. If you have a peaceful location in your garden or a nice chair on the patio, take a little break outside and get some work done. The fresh air lift your spirits and you might get everything on your to do list finished.

Outings with Kids

outings with kidsNeed to take the kids to the park so they can run off some energy? Get some of your work done while your little ones play and run. Get the best of both worlds next time your kids are restless or have a day off from school. Try a trip to the local zoo or kids’ museum. Have a little fun with your kids, then sit down to a little work while they get a chance to play.

Public Transit

Next time you need to run a few errands, consider taking your work with you on a commuter train or public transit to the mall. A trip that is nearly an hour in each direction can be well spent if you can do some work and not have to fight traffic. I love taking long trips on the commuter train with my laptop. It’s so nice to run errands and do work at the same time.

Where do you go to work when you need a little break from your home office?

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