Reach Out to Former Clients to Get Work

When you are trying to drum up some freelance writing work, reconnecting with former clients is an effective strategy. If you liked working with the client and are interested in being considered for future assignments, how do you let them know that you are available?

There are a couple of different approaches you may want to try. The first one is to send the former client an e-mail to see whether they have any work for you. If it’s been awhile since you worked together, do mention the project you worked on previously. That way, the person can place where they know you from. Then go on to indicate that you have some time available and would like to be considered for the client’s future writing needs. You can also take this opportunity to ask for referrals if you like. Tell the client that you look forward to hearing from them soon.

Another way to approach the situation is to send your former clients an e-mail telling them that you are running a special for the next two weeks (or whatever time frame you like) and offer them a discount on any work they book with you during that time. You want them to take action, so do have a distinct time limit on your offer.

A simple e-mail sent after you receive payment for your work thanking the client for their business and inviting them to contact you with future projects will also keep your name in front of them when they have more work. Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and it only takes a few minutes to send a “Thank You” e-mail. I have found that the little things really do matter when it comes to building a successful freelance writing business. So rock that customer service stuff every chance you get!





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  1. Andy Hayes Avatar

    Good ideas Jodee, thanks.

  2. Robin Marie Avatar
    Robin Marie


    You mentioned this somewhere else, and I couldn’t find where that was, but I was really happy over Thanksgiving because I was family-less, so I emailed a former client, and at first she told me she didn’t have any work, but that she’d keep me in mind. Just a few hours later, she emailed me to ask if I was still available. I told her yes and got two new projects!

    Thank you for the great idea. Really appreciate it.

  3. A Coffey Avatar

    One thing that works well for us is not to just reach out to former clients, but do so in a way where we probe for value-confirmation.
    We reach them to ensure they are finding value (transl: receiving more in return than they are paying for) in our services, PRIOR to us asking them for referrals.

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