Sending Holiday Cards to Your Freelance Writing Clients

business holiday card

It’s only September yet Lowe’s and Kohl’s both have Christmas displays. They’re thinking of the holidays already and so should you. Among your considerations should be whether or not to send holiday cards to your clients. You may laugh, but business holiday cards are good customer service.  They tell your client:

  • You’re wishing him/her well
  • You care about his/her business
  • Good customer service is important to you
  • You go the extra mile

Keep in mind it’s better to send holiday cards as opposed to Christmas cards because you don’t want to offend your client or his religious (or non-religious) affiliations.  Some freelancers order specific business holiday cards, while others will buy a generic box of holiday cards when they’re getting their own personal greetings to send out. Some freelancers buy a stamp with their business details to post at the bottom of the card, others write their names at the bottom while including a business card. A few even put out the extra money to have imprinted holiday cards made up. It depends on your budget, and all options are fine. If you’re thinking about ordering your holiday cards online, order sooner rather than later. The closer it gets to the holidays, the more expensive it can get.

Here are a few places to get business type holiday cards:

  • Cards Direct has a nice assortment but they’re rather pricey for the average freelance witer.
  • Classic Designs offers an elegant variety, but again, many freelancers don’t have this kind of a budget. They’re offering a discount if you order early, however.
  • As always, Vista Print offers a much more affordable solution.
  • Executive Greetings has a selection of corporate holiday cards.

How do you say “happy holidays” to your clients?


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  1. Sue Avatar

    There are also programs like Send Out Cards that might lend itself nicely to things like this.

  2. Beach Holiday Guide Avatar

    There are also programs suchlike Channelise Out Cards that mightiness modify itself nicely to things similar this.

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