Signs You Need to Find Another Workspace at Home


This global pandemic has forced us to do or study a lot of things we only told ourselves to learn once life permits us. With all the time on our hands now, there’s an option to squeeze in a masterclass or finish a book while also working remotely. However, you may have been noticing that you aren’t as productive as compared to the last few weeks. The distractions in your house might be telling you to find another workspace at home.

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I think I have tried almost every possible work area in our two-story house. The daily deliverables on my plate speak volumes of the productivity frenzy I should be channeling day-to-day. However, this unprecedented situation is also messing with all aspects of my life. This leaves me to cope however way possible to get the job done. That includes jumping from one workspace to another to tick all the stuff on my to-do list.

Want to know the things that easily get me side-tracked while working? It would be a pleasure to revisit them one by one…

1. Simultaneous calls under one roof


One of the cons of forced work from home is having a new set of officemates–family members. Because no one’s exempted from Ms. Rona’s wrath, our parents or siblings may be experiencing the work anywhere life for the first time. I almost always see myself derailed whenever someone speaks loudly during phone calls. There was that time I had to take this telecon at the same time as my dad’s meeting via phone patch. It was an internal debate on who to listen to. Even  noise-canceling headphones didn’t do the trick. Therefore, I had to find another workspace at home.

2. The uncontrollable afternoon idleness


The living room is the most common alternative co-working space that we have since not all of us are not blessed with lots of extra space at home. Everyone gathered at the same familiar space in our humble abode can bring joy and frustration at the same time–especially after midday. While most of the people at home are taking their afternoon naps or getting their Netflix fix, the only way I can keep myself from giving in to the temptation of snoozing or binge-watching is by looking for another table where I don’t see them, even in my peripheral vision.

3. Temperature change


Our number 1 enemy in the work from home sitch is the temperature rise or drop. Generating exemplary creative ideas involves working in a well-ventilated space to keep them flowing. Take the time to adjust to a temporary workspace at home if your current area is too hot or too cold during. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to gratify yourself by turning on the air-conditioner or heater if the temperature becomes unmanageable. You might also want to look into your choice of clothing to complement the weather.

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This new normal may be a force to reckon with, but I know that us freelancers are pliant like bamboo. Time will allow us to adjust and become our old productive selves again. Guilty of the following scenarios above? Let’s hear it below in the comments!

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