The Perfect Time to Launch Your Freelance Writing Career (or Take the Next Step)

You may have heard that timing is everything in life. Being in the right place at the right time is crucial, and you need to make sure that you’re “ready” to either stick your toe into the freelance writing pool, raise rates or send a pitch to a client you are dying to work with.

I have a bit of a different take on this subject. If you wait for everything to line up perfectly and for the perfect moment to take action, you’ll never do anything. This is especially true if you decide that you won’t apply for any freelance writing jobs unless you feel super confident in your self and your ability to do the job.

If you are looking for a sign that now is the time to jump in, you will be waiting forever. There is no one, perfect time to get started or to go for the kinds of opportunities you want. This is good news: it means that you get as many chances as you create for yourself.

There is no better time than right now to get going to either start on the road to getting your first freelance writing gig or to take whatever you decide is the next step in your career. Don’t wait to be invited to the party – just come on in.

What are you doing to create the freelance writing career you want?





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