Top 10 Time Sucking Websites that Actually Rock

So, one of the things I like to do with this little blog is to direct you to fun diversions, or even to make up some of my own. Apparently, I’m too good at it, as after introducing my husband to several of my favorite time-sucking sites, he disappeared from the face of the planet. I’m now diving into the Internet to mount a search and rescue operation for him.  I thought I’d do my part to help you find oblivion, too.

You may already know some or all of these sites, but they’re worth checking out every once in a while. Pretend it’s research or something. 😉

1.  Lol Cats are hilarious and adorable.  There’s even sort of a whole reality over there, with Ceiling Cat, Basement Cat, and a variety of other inside jokes that will make sense after you’ve sacrificed most of your morning to deciphering the captions.

2.  Aw, man.  I forgot until just now that Cute Overload existed.  That means there are months and months worth of adorable baby animals doing insanely precious things for me to catch up on.

3.  I have been pretty much addicted to Facebook for more than a year now.  Recently, I compounded my habit by adding daily visits to Failbooking.

4.  NSFW.  This site makes me cringe in fear for the future because I assume at least some of the text messages featured there are written by drunk, sex-crazed young people who will eventually become drunk, sex-crazed government officials.

5.  Just when you thought your family was a trashy as it gets, here comes the People of WalMart site.  My mouth has literally dropped open upon viewing some of the outfits people will wear out in public.

6.  People from all over the world anonymously write and illustrate their biggest secrets on post cards, hoping that they will be published on this website.  (All the cards are changed once a week.)

7.  Dealing in Subterfuges is the blog of some lady in the DC area that I don’t know.  She writes on several topics, but I read it just for the snarky Project Runway and Top Chef reviews.  It’s a time suck, because she gets really detailed with the reviews, but her humor keeps me coming back.  In fact, when I watch the shows, I often wonder if she’s noticing the same things I am.  Crazy, eh?

8.  Personally, I don’t spend a lot of time on You Tube, but there’s no doubting that it’s an extremely entertaining way to suck away your work hours.  Just ask Michael Scott.

9.  FAIL Blog is one of my very favorite websites on the entire Internet.  People take and send in pictures of ridiculous things they see, apparently for my personal amusement.  When something goes wrong, there’s someone with a camera phone ready to PhotoShop the word “Fail” on it.

10.  From oddly posed to strangely candid, the photos on this site often make you go, “What the heck were they thinking?”  Fun stuff, and again, it’ll suck away a couple of hours of your life.

Bonus sites:

11.  Photobomb is a new site to me, but I’m guessing it’ll be getting some traffic from my IP address now that I know it exists.  You know how your kid brother can’t help giving everyone “bunny ears” in family photos?  This takes it to a whole different level.

12.  From the “thanks a lot for eating my sandwich out of the work fridge” to the truly, truly passive-AGGRESSIVE, this site is another where people snap pictures and send them in for me to enjoy.

13.  It’s pretty much what it sounds like.  Crazy, ranty emails that make you feel like you’re totally normal because you don’t send people stuff like that.







5 responses
  1. Deborah Ng Avatar

    Don’t forget “What the Facebook” at and This is Why You’re Fat at

  2. Cheril Vernon Avatar

    This list rocks! I already knew about and whatthefacebook, but now I have more to check out.

  3. P.S. Jones Avatar

    I would like to thank you for giving me yet another thing to do beside work. And also give notice that I will probably suing you in the near future for loss of wages due to incessant web browsing. j/k

  4. Lorna Doone Brewer Avatar
    Lorna Doone Brewer

    @P.S. – You can’t sue me. I don’t have any money because I’m too busy checking out all these sites to get any work done! 😉

  5. jordanbaker Avatar

    I am beyond honored to be on a list with Passive Aggressive notes and I Can Has Cheezburger.
    .-= jordanbaker´s last blog ..Project Runway: Rode Hard Hard-"wear" =-.

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