Use Your iPhone To Get Organized!

The biggest challenge of any freelancer is to get organized: (1) there’s no boss for you to control your time; (2) there can be a lot of clients and you should learn to distribute your time among them and (3) there are plenty of distractors online. Therefore knowing your organization tools is so essential!

I love my iPhone. Not to sound like an Apple fanatic (I’m not, I promise), but I love everything about it. The speed, the design, the features, and especially the apps. The wide range of applications that are available in the iTunes store have changed my life in many ways. Or, more specifically, they have caused me to change many of my life habits with their help.

One big area that has changed for me is my productivity. I will be the first to admit that I have a bit of a problem remaining focused. By “a bit” I mean “Oh, look…curtains!” So it shouldn’t surprise you to know that I am not always so good at keeping my mind on a task and getting it done. This is a big problem as a freelancer, when my livelihood relies on how much work I complete.

Here are a few apps that will hopefully help you get organized!

1. ReQall


This is one of my favorite task managers. You set in reminders for deadlines, appointments, birthdays, dates or anything else you might need via voice or text. It automatically organizes it for you. Then, it alerts you when a task is coming up. It even uses the on board GPS unit to remind you when something needs to be done nearby your location, so you can maximize your time. (Free)

2. Remember The Milk

Many people use and love this program, usually the free version through their browser. It allows you to set up reminders and tasks and get SMS, IM or email alerts. You can also connect it with Google Calender, and share your tasks via social media sites. Now compatible with Siri. (Free with annual subscription of $5.99)

Here are a few more tips on getting organized and scheduling tasks using iPhone.

3. Mint

Personal finance organization just got a whole lot easier. Probably the most popular monetary program out there, the app gives you full access to your Mint account. Get a full view of all of your checking, savings, PayPal and credit card accounts. Set a budget and see where your money is going. Get advice on saving cash, sign up for better mortgage or credit deals and set goals. (Free)

4. TimeWerks


Get all of the data from your projects, clients and more synced up and accessible in one place for easy management. This is the perfect app for the professional user who tends to misplace or forget about notes. Whether it is time, materials, invoices or conversations, it can all be linked together and logged here. ($2.99)

5. LockBox

Passwords, account numbers and financial information are easy things for anyone to forget. Especially now that there are so many to remember just for every day tasks. Not to mention the increase in passwords now that it is suggested we use different ones to reduce the threat of identity threat. This app stores them all for you off of the device for added security, and keeps it all safe. (Free)

6. LiveGO Messenger

Use a lot of messengers? Most of us do, and it can be a hassle trying to keep up with them all. This app makes it much simpler. It combines them all, including MSN, Yahoo, Facebook and Gtalk, among others. Then lets you sign into them all from one source and hold multiple conversations, see who is online and more. (Free)

I know I am not the only one out there obsessed with their iPhone. But we all manage to get on with our lives, which seems to indicate a certain amount of productivity despite the many tempting apps that can distract us.

What are some of your favorites for the iPhone. Let us know in the comments!





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