5 Ways for Remote Workers to Stay in Shape

remote workers stay in shape

Being a freelance writer means spending lots of time at home sitting in front of a computer. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have the opportunity to stay in shape. Because your time is a bit more flexible than the rest of the nine to five world, you have some other perks, if you’re willing to use them.

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When it comes to fitness and exercise, though some of you may have to learn how to push through the barrier of “I can’t do it” mindset, the actual keeping in shape part really isn’t all that difficult.

Consider the following five ways for remote workers to stay in shape.

Get Running

remote workers stay in shape

Probably the easiest thing you can do as a freelancer to stay in shape is invest in a good treadmill. Running, jogging, and walking get all of your muscles moving, are great for your heart and lungs, and you can also even multitask by doing research while you’re using the machine! Price and quality range all the way from the super cheap to the super expensive, so there’s literally something for everyone. If you have any desire at all to stay in shape, this should be your first major purchase.

Invest In a Home Workout System

Aside from a treadmill, there’s also a ton of options for you in terms of home workout fitness systems. Some of the best ones have minimal equipment and don’t take much of your time at all, but focus on exercise intensity to have you get the most impact out of them. Find one of these at-home systems that match your fitness needs, and stick to a program on a daily basis for you to stay in shape.

Leverage Social Pressure

It may sound superficial, but social pressure is one effective way to get off your bum. But, how do you maintain accountability when you’re home alone? Simple! There are dozens of fitness apps you can install on your smartphone that have challenge modes. Include a few friends in your circle, map out your daily activities, and have accountability. That should motivate you.

Keep Reminders Around the House

remote workers stay in shape

You probably spend a certain amount of time wandering around the house, either in search of food or just thinking. If you put reminders all over the place –  like dumbbells near the couch, for instance, or little notes on the fridge – that will help you stick to your exercise routine.

Use Variety to Prevent Burnout

Variety is going to help you more than anything else. Run one day. Jog the next. Do pushups and sit-ups the next. Have free weights around for you to work with. Shake your routine up. This will be the best way to be a productive remote worker but keep in shape as well!

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