We Are Living in The Era of The Self-Taught Internet Entrepreneur – Take Advantage of it

One of the things that I hear from many of my friends is that they are unable to find a job in today’s economy. Most of the people that are complaining about not being able to find a job have college degrees, but they lack the experience that many employers require. Because of our relatively high unemployment rate, it should come as no surprise that any employer can pick and choose when it comes to whom they want to hire. Because of the vast number of applications for most jobs, many of my friends are passed over for other applicants that have more experience.

I told my friends that they should look at what I did, I carved out my own niche. We live in the era of the self-taught Internet entrepreneur, if someone does not present you with a job immediately out of college – you create your own job. That is what I did, and I am proud to say that I made it a successful venture for myself. I personally never assumed that I would be working from the comfort of my own home making a good salary doing what I love, but the Internet has allowed me to make that a reality.

The reason for writing

In order to help my friends without jobs, and hopefully inspire others to follow suit, I decided to elaborate on three career opportunities today that could help you change your professional outlook on life. There are so many exciting opportunities online, why let them slip by?

1. Freelance writer

As most of you might have figured out (you have made it this far in the article after all) this is what I do for a living. Do not get me wrong though, being a freelance writer is not just about writing a certain number of words. There are plenty of companies online that promise to write, but they are referred to as ‘content mills’ – providing mediocre (and that is being generous) content that serves as nothing more than filler. Being a good freelance writer implies that you know how to engage an audience, know how to choose your words carefully. If writing is a passion of yours and you can write about many different topics, being a freelance writer is a great job that you can easily do from home.

2. Affiliate program management

Even the best possible product is not just going to have people come clamoring for it when they are unaware it exists. With affiliate program management, you try to reach the target audience through the clutter that exists online. With so many ads online, how do you introduce the audience to ads they are interested in seeing? With a crowded marketplace, making sure that the consumer sees ads that are interesting to them is more important than ever before.

3. Server administrator

I know many of my friends are passionate about computers and want to learn more about being a server administrator. Even though there is still some physical work to be done, the fact that so many companies are switching to cloud computing means that a server administrator can do a lot of his or her work without even being on location. Again, this is not something that you are simply going to pick up and start doing. You are going to need important components such as TrainSignal VMware vSphere 5 training and will want to look at becoming a Cisco Certified Network Associate to become more marketable.

How to get educated

Some people always ask me how they are supposed to afford that type of training and when they are supposed to find the time (some interested in making the switch to an online career are working another job in order to pay the bills). I tell them that they are still using their offline mentality in an online world. Thanks to training videos and the ability to e-learn (remote learning), you do not have to settle for the local, expensive training center anymore. You are able to get educated online. It does not matter if you are looking for a single certification or an entire degree, you can get it online. The Internet has opened a great number of opportunities for those that are willing to put in the time and effort. We would be foolish to let them pass us by.

About The Author

David Crawford made the transition to online freelance writer in 2003. He has experimented with social media, search engine marketing, and regularly attends industry conferences to ensure that he stays ahead of the competition. In order to have a better understanding of how the medium he works on, he also watches CCNA training videos. In his spare time, David is an avid reader.






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