Weird Habits of Famous Writers

I’m sure you have your own habits when writing that are perceived as weird by others. It may be having to write only in bed (which I don’t think as weird at all, although I’ve heard it described as such). It could be that you can’t write on any other computer than your own, which again, I don’t find totally weird.

Some of the most famous writers we know, however had some really peculiar habits, and the guys at Ninja Essays have put together an infographic sharing those weird habits.

Before scrolling down, can you take a guess at what weird habits writers can have?

Anyhow, this may or may not shock you, but take a look at how some famous authors write. At the very least, you’ll find them amusing.

weird habits

So what did you think about that? Do you have any of their habits, or something similar? What writing habits do you have that other people consider unusual?

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  1. Safir Avatar

    Very interesing infografics thanks a lot !

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