Why I Don’t Want to Be Number One Anymore

Being the top blog for freelance writers used to mean a lot to me and I worked very hard to achieve that goal. I wasn’t necessarily working to become number one, being a success was more important than being the top blogger in this very crowded niche. So I worked hard to be a success and the number one thing happened.

You know what? I don’t want it anymore.

  • I want to enjoy blogging without the pressure of being the top blogger. If that means I lose some traffic, so be it.
  • Being part of a wonderful community of writers is more important than being a “famous” or “top” blogger.
  • When you concentrate on being number one over being someone who offers something of value things change between you, your community and your peers.
  • It sounds like such an ego thing to constantly tell everyone you are the founder of the “number one online community for freelance writers.”
  • It’s not about me, or FWJ…it’s about you.

Sometimes I miss the early days of Freelance Writing Jobs. The days before we were a network. The days when we were just a small community of writers sharing job leads and tips…and the days before we were number one. I hope we never become so big we lose sight of what’s important or remember where we came from.

I’m backing off the number one thing, someone else can have that gig. When you work hard to stomp the competition or take over the world, you lose something in the process. I don’t want to be that person.

Let’s take it down to eleven.






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  1. Erik Hare Avatar

    It’s all a matter of goals in life. I want nothing more than a small income that will let me keep the house I’ve restored – that’s about it. Fame? I don’t see how I can eat fame or provide for my children with it, so I don’t see the point.

    I believe you’ve made the right choice and will be able to do a lot of wonderful things without being the mythical “#1”. Congrats!
    .-= Erik Hare´s last blog ..St. Patrick’s Day =-.

    1. Deb Ng Avatar

      Thanks Erik, it’s amazing how much pressure is removed once one decides to just do it for the love over doing it for the glory. Thanks for your continued support.

  2. Jess Baker Avatar
    Jess Baker

    I had a similar revelation with my day-job a few months ago when I realized I’d spent ten years trying to impress everyone else. Now I’m working on a dream that’s all mine – freelance writing – and I don’t care what anyone else thinks. Bravo Deb!

  3. Steve Sears Avatar

    Deb: I love it!

    Erik: As long as I can work at a “job” I love and be comfortable, fame I don’t need.

    Jess: Congratulations!



  4. Carson Brackney Avatar

    WARNING: Your post reflects the attitude that often leads to being #1, lol.

    When you’re enjoying yourself, doing something you love, etc., the success tends to come naturally.

    1. Deb Ng Avatar

      Natural success is OK but the constant “I need to stay at the top or I’m nothing” attitude is just putting too many expectations out there.

  5. Bryan Curry Avatar

    I just discovered your site 2 or 3 days ago. I really enjoy it, I have only made it through about 6 – 10 articles/posts but I am learning so much. I am a novice writer at best and your site offers easy to understand advice on the workings of the industry, how to, and then an article like this puts things in perspective and makes me stop to check my motivation, determination, etc. I really appreciate all of it. Keep up the great work!
    .-= Bryan Curry´s last blog ..HMPC 0207 – Lie To Me =-.

  6. John Hewitt Avatar

    There is certainly a lot of navel-gazing going on in the writing niche lately. I get the feeling that change is in the air, and the landscape is about to shift. But then, I tend to be over-dramatic.
    .-= John Hewitt´s last blog ..Don’t Make Your Freelance Writing Career Just About Work =-.

    1. Deb Ng Avatar

      Actually you’re very intuitive so I wouldn’t mind see what changes might come.

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