Why You Should Continue Your Job Search in the Summer

Summertime, and the living is easy…..It can be hard to get (and stay) motivated to look for work when it’s sunny and warm outside. The summer is a time when many people do take time off, but you would be mistaken if you concluded that there is no point in continuing to look for your next great freelance writing gig during the summer months.

While people do take time off and some businesses may slow down during this time, it doesn’t mean that there are no clients who are hiring now. You should continue to make pitches, send out queries and apply for gigs.

Some of your fellow freelancers may also be taking time off this summer, which means that you have a chance to pick up some work. There may be less competition for available gigs, as well, if other freelancers are cutting back on their writing schedules right now.

Keep in mind that for some clients, summer is business as usual. By all means, give yourself summer hours if you can and take a break to regroup and recharge your batteries. That way, you can approach the fall freelance writing job market refreshed and ready to put your best foot forward.





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  1. Steve Avatar

    True. It should be business as usual.

    Well, okay, take those few hours to enjoy the summer sunshine, but your points above are well made.


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