World Reading Habits in 2021

It looks like staying in is the new going out (thanks for that, Covid!) as we read far more this year than last.

Global English Editing has been digging deep into research to bring you fascinating facts about the world’s reading habits in 2021, all rolled into a handy infographic.

In fact, stats show that people in the US read a quarter more books this year compared to 2020.

While the pandemic may have helped some of us catch up on our reading, it also did some damage too, leading to a reduced literacy rate in developing countries.

  • Which country reads the most in the world?
  • Romance, crime, or science fiction, what’s our favorite genre to curl up with?
  • Who read the most:  millennials, Gen Z, or baby boomers?
  • Which title was crowned the top book for taking away our lockdown stress?

Discover the answers to all this and more by checking out the world reading habits in 2021 infographic below.

world reading infographics 2021





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