The Writer Emergency Pack Will Bail You Out When You Get Stuck

Just like zombiecalypse (or apocalypse) believers have a survival pack ready and accessible for when the end of the world comes, a writer ought to have an emergency pack he can rely on when things go haywire.

We can go the simplistic route and call it writer’s block (although the block is not that simple when it comes to the point). Sometimes, though, it’s not that bad a block. Perhaps you just need a little jumpstart.

Writer Emergency Pack

That’s where the Writer Emergency Pack can help you.

The Writer Emergency Pack started out as a Kickstarter project by John August, who is a writer himself.

John, a screenwriter, came up with the idea of creating a pack of cards that contain suggestions that gives writers a nudge when they get stuck – whether it’s on a plot point or on characters that don’t connect.

Let’s say the Writer Emergency Pack is kind of a collection of writing prompts – only made more fun.

The Kickstarter project has been funded – quite successfully, too! The original goal was $9,000, and it got more than $150,000 in backing.

Thanks to writers who found the idea brilliant, the pack will be available for purchase soon. If you’re interested in getting one for yourself, visit the official page and sign up to be notified when the Writer Emergency Pack becomes available.

Here’s a question for you: Do you have your own “emergency pack”? Why not tell us about it in the comments?

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