Xtra-PC Gives New Life to Your Old PC, and We’re Giving 5 Units Away!

Who wouldn’t love buying a new computer every year or every time something new (and better) comes out? If you think about it, spending money on a new computer is an investment. In our line of work, that device is the money-maker. Without a computer, we can’t work.

However, we don’t all have the luxury of being able to purchase a new one regularly. Sometimes, we even have to bear with a dinosaur of a computer which bogs down at the worst possible moment.

Been there. Done that. I don’t even have a t-shirt to show for it.

Fortunately, there are workarounds for clunky old PCs – at least until you can get a new one.

One of them is Xtra-PC.


It’s a simple USB device that makes your Windows PC work as if it were “young” again. The good thing with Xtra-PC is that it will work time and time again – even with computers that have missing or faulty hard drives!

How does Xtra-PC work?

Heather Henricks of Xtra-PC says, “Xtra-PC is a USB flash drive that contains an operating system built on the proven, rock-solid foundation of Linux. We have added drivers for printing and Wi-Fi to enable simple usage across more computers. We have solved problems with using Netflix and Amazon videos and made them work.”

To make things even simpler, Xtra-PC has a similar look and feel to Windows XP (that OS we all love), so it’s easy and fast to begin using it. It also has a built-in file manager that is simple to use.


“The first time you use Xtra-PC, you will be asked to go through a set-up. From then on, Xtra-PC is set up and ready to go. The next time you use it, Xtra-PC will boot, and you’ll have your extra PC. You can take Xtra-PC with you and use it on any computer you want,” Heather adds.

Basically, you just need the device, plug it in, and you’re good to go! Even if you’re not that tech-savvy, you’ll be able to use the device without issues.

Old PC, say “Hello World” one more time.

You can learn more about Xtra-PC online:

The Xtra-PC giveaway

Initially, when Heather approached me about the device, I wasn’t sure what to do. I now use a Mac, so I can’t test it, but I do remember the good old days with Windows PCs. And, yes, I do see how Xtra-PC can be useful.

I thought about it some more, and I thought that some members of the FWJ community might have a need for the device. So here we are, giving away FIVE Xtra-PC units. (Thanks, Heather, for being so generous!)

What do you need to do to win one?

Let’s keep it simple. Just follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Note: The giveaway starts today, November 23 (Monday) and ends on November 29 (Sunday). The winners will be announced on November 30 (Monday). To earn more entries, tweet once every day!





18 responses
  1. Christina Majaski Avatar

    I was thinking this might work to clean off a couple laptops I have that I can’t use anymore but I’m afraid to get rid of in case there’s still VALUABLE stuff on there.

  2. Jack Avatar

    I’m not sure that using this for that purpose would be a good idea. If the “setup” involves installing the OS, it might wipe your stuff. A better option would be to download a free Linux distro that runs in a live format (I’d suggest Puppy Linux, since it’ll run on just about anything) to access the computer and then copy everything off to an external drive (since if any of your stuff is Windows-based you won’t be able to run it on Linux, though documents and such would be fine using Linux’s Office standins.)

  3. Anne C. Avatar
    Anne C.

    It sounds helpful for extending the use of my computer.

  4. Katrina Robinson Avatar

    This sounds like something I need to check out…pronto.

  5. Molly Carter Avatar

    This sounds like an awesome idea!

  6. Leah Avatar

    Xtra-PC helps old PCs work somewhat like new. 😛

  7. Kathryn Avatar

    Just starting in the business and the
    computer my brother gifted me thinks slow. Arggg…hard when writing. Help a sista out, please!!!

  8. Tiffany Avatar

    New fuel for your old PC!

  9. Tracy Spangler Avatar
    Tracy Spangler

    It’s a USB device that helps your (decade-old, migraine-inducing) computer work better than your decidedly non-technical current methods: crossing fingers, unplugging and cursing!

  10. Luis Sousa Avatar
    Luis Sousa

    For a while I used to use windows computers to writting books and they were always blocking and so I can’t believe that the extra-pc may avoid the blocking of the operating system.
    Any way you were the one that changed from the windows to a mac so I to change again to an operating system that is always blocking?

    1. Noemi Tasarra-Twigg Avatar
      Noemi Tasarra-Twigg

      Do you mean the PC was always hanging? Perhaps it needs to be reformatted. I believe that Xtra-PC can help with that because it doesn’t rely on your hard drive but runs on the USB device itself. I changed to Mac because I’ve always been a fan, and when I was able to afford one, it was a no-brainer for me.

  11. Michael Avatar

    As an active remote freelancer, this device is essential a godsend!

  12. Ren Aguila Avatar
    Ren Aguila

    I like how it can make older PC units useful again.

  13. Darren Avatar

    In one sentence. Xtra-PC will bring new life to any old PC or a power boost for an already powerful machine.

  14. dilawer Avatar

    Totally looking forward to winning this cool Xtra-Pc device.

  15. Jim Morgan Avatar
    Jim Morgan

    Looks like a way to make my old cluttered Windows XP PC useful again.

  16. Brittney Avatar

    Anything that might extend the life of my computer!

  17. MJ Avatar

    It’s a cool way to carry your work–and your work tools–with you wherever you go. 🙂

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