17 Places Where Freelance Writers Can Find Magazine Markets

New MagazinesAre you a freelance writer looking to break into the print market or an experienced writer looking for new places to pitch a story idea? We’ve compiled a list of places online where writers can find magazine markets online.

Before you take the time to send in a pitch, be sure to check out a copy of the magazine to get an idea of the types of stories that have been covered recently. Some of them will have an editorial calendar, and this will help you when you are pitching your ideas. You’ll also want to make sure you have the latest version of the writers’ guidelines, since they include important details such as how the magazine likes to receive pitches (electronically or via snail mail), amount of compensation, and whether you will be paid on acceptance or publication.

Writer’s Market

Whether you are looking to sell an article, a manuscript, or a book, the Writer’s Market can point you in the right direction. Use the rate chart to get an idea of how much to charge for different types of gigs. Sign up for a full year’s subscription or pay monthly.

Writer’s Weekly

This site lists original market listings on its website each week. They are received from the editors at each publication. Sign up for the newsletter and get the listings delivered to you by e-mail.

Funds for Writers

Go to the Funds for Writers site to see a selection of magazine markets. For more magazine opportunities delivered directly to your e-mail account every week, you can sign up for either the free newsletter or the paid subscription. The free option provides 15 opportunities per week, all of which pay at least $0.10 per word. The paid subscription costs $15.00 per year for 26 biweekly issues. Each one includes over 75 opportunities for freelance writers.

Absolute Write

Absolute Write’s Water Cooler Paying Markets section has paying opportunities from editors. You’ll need to bookmark the page and visit it regularly to check for updates, though. There is no way to determine how often new threads will appear or if there will be something that will appeal to you.

All Indie Writers

The Writers’ Markets section of this site has a directory of magazines. Search by title or category (health, business, science, travel, home and family, etc.) to find the one you are interested in. Listings provide links to writers’ guidelines on publications’ websites.


Sunoasis lists magazines by genre. Click on the link to go to the writer’s guidelines page .The list includes a number of regional magazines, as well as travel, entertainment, hobby and craft, sports, science, music, computer, gardening magazines, and more.

All You Can Read

This site is all about selling magazines, but it has links to numerous publications from all over the world, including contact information for editors. Do a bit of digging and you will be able to find new markets for your writing and get guidelines.


New Pages has published a Big List of Alternative Magazines on its website. Click on the links to go to individual websites to learn more about the magazines and request a copy of the guidelines.

Peter’s Place

This list of American magazines (general, business, and trade) last updated in February 2013. It also includes links to several magazine publishers and a number of writers’ magazines.

OfficeThirty Thousand Feet Aviation Directory

If you are interested in writing for the aviation market, you’ll want to see the magazine listings posted here. They range from aircargo and transport magazines to airline interest publications to airport-related publications and inflight magazines. Aviation history, aircraft model, and aviation news magazines are also listed here.


Brint lists magazines and e-zines in alphabetical order. You will also find a number of journals grouped by subject matter here on various topics, such as e-commerce, biology, medicine, law, mathematics, and psychology.


Visit this site to access links to a number of Jewish periodicals online. The site also provides links to News Associations and newspapers.

Kendall Hanson – Trade Magazines by Industry

This directory is described as a “work in progress.” Several categories are represented here, and include Arts and Entertainment, Beauty and Fashion, Financial Services, Recreation/Amusement, Retail, and Transportation/Freight.


There are several categories of online magazines represented here. Simply click on the one you are interested in to see a list of magazines in English, as well as other languages.

Oyster Boy Review

This resource has listings for magazines, as well as a number of academic and independent journals.

Towse’s Links to Online Submission Guidelines

Paying markets are listed alphabetically. Click on the letter to see a list of magazines. The listings indicate whether the magazines pay on submission or on publication if that information is readily available.

Trade Magazine Publications

Trade magazines are an untapped source of income for many freelance writers, and TradePub.com lists them alphabetically and by topic (agriculture, engineering, human resources, retail, sales, utility and energy, etc.)


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  1. Liz Avatar

    Great post. If there are similar resources for lists of websites that pay (upfront, not just ad revenue potential), that would be really useful as well.

  2. Nolan Wilson Avatar

    Writers Market is an amazing book, especially if you are looking to compare your publishing options. One of the best books I purchased when I first started writing professionally and I still use it today.

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