22 Websites That Pay Freelance Writers in 2015

There are several ways to find freelance writing gigs. Answering ads posted on job boards is one method, and you probably want to try more than one approach in your search for gigs. Another way to find work (and one that may lead to a steady gig in some cases) is to approach websites that freelance writers for contributions for guest posts.

How to Increase your Chances of Being Published as a Contributor or Guest Blogger

If you decide to try this method, keep in mind that each website will have very specific guidelines about what kinds of posts it is willing to publish. You’ll need to follow the instructions exactly if you want to have a chance of being considered.

Do spend some time reviewing material that has already been published to get an idea of the tone of the site and the types of topics that have already been covered so that you don’t pitch an idea that has recently been covered.

If your idea gets turned down, consider giving it a different angle and trying it at a different website that pays writers. The one you originally sent it to may have recently covered that idea or it may not have appealed to a particular editor; that doesn’t mean the idea isn’t something readers won’t find interesting.

Money from Writing

Websites that Pay Freelance Writers in 2015

1. Cracked

Do you think you’re funny, smart or clever? Cracked pays $100.00 for feature articles and $50.00 for quick fixes (filler pieces).

2. Photoshop Tutorials

If you know Photoshop like a pro, you can share your knowledge with thousands of users and earn $150.00-$300.00 per full tutorial. Quick tips pay $50.00 each. This site also pays $25.00-$50.00 for articles.

3. A Fine Parent

A Fine Parent issues calls for submissions every two or three months on a specific topic. Selected contributor receives $100.00 plus the opportunity to receive a $200.00 annual bonus.

4. Writers Weekly

Pays $60.00 for non-exclusive electronic rights for a 600-word article. Send query with writing credits by e-mail.

5. Knitty.com

Do you have an original knitting pattern, tutorial or an article you would like to submit to Knitty.com? If your work is accepted, you will receive $120.00-$200.00. Writer’s guidelines available on the website.

6. WOW – Women on Writing

Send queries or submissions for consideration. Pay rates and word counts are as follows:

  • Twenty Questions: $50
  • How 2 (1,500 – 2,000 Words): $75
  • Inspiration (1,500 – 2,000 Words): $75
  • Feature Interviews (up to 3,000 Words): $75
  • Feature Articles (up to 3,000 Words): $150

7. AppStorm

AppStorm pays approximately $60.00 per article about popular apps. Submit an idea, and wait for a response and rate before writing full article.

8. Funds for Writers – http://www.fundsforwriters.com/submissions/

Accepts queries or manuscripts on the following topics:

  • ideas on breaking into a particular market
  • pointers on winning contests
  • unique ways to develop an income with words
  • success stories with ideas for others
  • profitable business practices related to writing
  • seasonal material affiliated with particular markets
  • grant success stories
  • nonprofit partnerships
  • unique markets
  • unusual writing income ideas
  • anything to help a writer make a dollar penning words
  • a dash of humor, if possible; a positive note and a happy ending (Funds for Writers)

Pays $45-$50.00 for original articles, $19.00-$15.00 for reprints.

9. WorldStart

Contribute tips to WorldStart’s Computer Tips daily e-mail newsletter which is distributed to 300,000 readers. General Internet, Windows, and e-mail tips (screenshots to be included). Compensation is as follows:

  • Approximately 250 words-$25.00
  • Approximately 400 words-$40.00
  • Approximately 600 words-$45.00
  • Maximum length is approximately 800 words-$50.00

10. ListVerse

ListVerse pays $100.00 for original lists of at least 10 items (1,500 words minimum), on publication. Visit website for submission rules.

11. The Tech Labs
If Adobe Flash, Flex, Air, Flash Lite, or ActionScript 3 is your thing, consider writing tutorials for this site. You’ll get paid $50.00$75.00 for each one that is published.

12. BootsnAll

This travel blog pays $50.00 for feature articles. Check out opportunities available on the website and the editorial calendar before submitting story ideas.

13. Write Naked

Would you like to write a guest post about writing? Read the submission guidelines and send your query to Write Naked. If accepted for publication, you will be paid $50.00. Outstanding posters receive $200.00.

14. The American Ceramic Society

In this instance, “Ceramics” refers to “anything from semiconductors to solar cells to batteries to cookware.” Read the writer’s guidelines to learn about the target audience and style. Pay is $25.00 for blog posts; $350.00-$950.00 for feature stories.

15. TechVibes

TechVibes is a Canadian technology news site. Contributing writers are subject matter experts, journalists or industry veterans and are compensated for every post they write.

16. SitePoint

If you can write content that is “technical, instructive, well-written and innovative,” then SitePoint wants to hear from you. Pay is “above industry rates.”

17. SheBudgets

SheBudgets is looking for paid contributors. Check out the site and suggest a topic you would feel comfortable writing about.

18. The Lutheran Digest

Review detailed writers’ guidelines before submitting article. Pays $35.00 on publication plus complimentary copy of print magazine.

19. TopTenz.net

Submit either your article (list) or article idea by e-mail. Pays $50.00 upon acceptance.

20. College Humor

Submit your funny stuff and wait for the site’s editors to review it. If the material is accepted, you’ll receive a flat fee of $25.00 for your work, as well as page view bonuses.

21. Money Crashers

Money Crashers is looking for writers who can contribute 4-8, 1,000 word articles per month. Pay is per article with incentives based on traffic.

22. Generation Progress

Generation Progress is looking for reporters and pays a stipend per story.



Conduct your Own Search for Websites that Pay Writers

These sites are just a few examples of websites that pay freelance writers for submissions or pay for guest posts. You can conduct your own search by using the terms “write for us” and pay OR paid in your favorite search engine. Adding the words “pay OR paid” means you are less likely to have sites come up in your search that only want volunteer contributors, although you may still find some in your results.

If there is a particular niche you are interested in, such as parenting, business, fitness, online marketing, pet care, 3D printing, or whatever, add it into your search terms to narrow your results. You’ll get fewer sites coming up but they will be closer to the types of clients you ideally want to work with.

When you are looking for writing gigs using this method, don’t limit your search to the Top 10 results. You can find opportunities working with sites that are lower on the search engine rankings. Perhaps you can make a pitch for how you can improve the site’s SEO and ranking as part of your pitch when you contact the site owner. Use it as an opportunity to sell yourself to some up-and-coming websites; that’s where you will find some really promising opportunities as a freelance web writer.

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  1. Tara Lynne Groth Avatar

    Jodee, Thanks for including Write Naked among your markets for freelancers. Glad to be included with great company!

  2. Erik Avatar

    Fantastic list!

    I’ve my favorite sites that I use to get freelance assignments. Plus, I’ve my clients.
    But it’s always good to discover new resources and places to look for more job opportunities.

    Thanks for the share, Jodee! 🙂

  3. Y J Shah Avatar


    Instead if writing “write for us” if we put the below key phrase in google search console the results are more clear.

    Inurl:”write for us”

    This search asks google to show results of those URLs only which consists words write for us.

    I hope this will help other writers to find super gigs, like I found 4gigs of $10k last year.

    Y J Shah.

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