40 More Freelance Writing Markets Paying $100 or More


Our list of freelance writing markets paying over $100 per article was such a success, I thought I’d research a few more for you.

These freelance writing markets are all current, and , if I could, I added a link to their guidelines page. If no link or online guidelines were found, I added whatever information I could gather so you at least have a place to begin with contacting the editors for current guidelines and submission policies.

May 2010 be the year you prosper and profit!

Unless linked to full guidelines, please contact the publication directly for complete guidelines before querying. Also, before querying, please take the time to read through several back issues to familiarize yourself with the magazine’s tone and style and to ensure you’re a good fit. One of the biggest pet peeve of magazine editors are blind queries where the writer knows nothing about the market. Because buying all those past issues isn’t very cost-effective, I usually browse back copies at the library.

40 MORE Freelance Writing Markets Paying $100 or More

  1. AAA Living – Pays $150 – $1800/assigned article
  2. American Kennel Club Gazzette – Pays $300 – $500 per article. Scroll down for email address to request guidelines.
  3. America’s Civil War – Pays $300+.
  4. Art Calendar – Pays $250.
  5. Astronomy – Pays $100 – $1000
  6. Auto Pilot Magazine – Pays $100.  Contact for guidelines.
  7. Baby Talk Magazine – Pays $500 – $2,000. Query by mail to 530 5th Avenue, NY NY 10036 and be sure to include a SASE.
  8. Bee Culture – Pays $100 – $250
  9. Bike Magazine – Pays .50/word. Follow contact info for guidelines.
  10. Blade Magazine – Pays $200 – $300. Contact for current guidelines.
  11. Bridal Guide – Pays 50/word. I’d query for more comprehensive guidelines.
  12. Broken Pencil – Pays up to $100 – $400.
  13. Business Traveler – Pays .50/word. Contact for guidelines.
  14. Car & Driver – Pays $750 – $3,000 per article.  Send email to editors@caranddriver.com
  15. Chidren’s Advocate – Pays $225 -$450. Contact for guidelines.
  16. Chile Pepper – Pays $600. Contact for current guidelines.
  17. Credit Today – Pays $200 – $1400.
  18. Dance Teacher – Pays $100 – $300. Try emailing jtu@dancemedia.com to request guidelines.
  19. Discovery Channel Online – Pays $1/word.
  20. Dog Fancy – Pays .40/word
  21. International Living – Pays $100 – $500
  22. Family Fun – Pays $1.25/word.
  23. Family Motor Coaching  Magazine – Pays $100 – $500. Contact for guidelines
  24. Her Sports – Pays $200 – $600 per assigned article.
  25. Kitchen and Bath Design News – Pays $200 – $650.  Contact for current guidelines.
  26. Laptop Magazine – Pays $150 – $1250. Contact for guidelines.
  27. The Meeting Professional – Pays .50 – .75/word for assigned articles.
  28. Minnesota Conservation Volunteer – .50/word.
  29. National Parks Magazine – Pays $1300 for features and travel articles.
  30. The Network Journal – Pays $150 – $200. Pitch career articles or articles related to business.
  31. New York Spirit – Pays $150
  32. Northwest Travel – Pays $100 – $500
  33. On Wall Street – Pays $1/word. Contact for guidelines.
  34. Persimmon Hill – Pays $150 – $300
  35. Robb Report – Pays $1.oo/word.
  36. Romantic Homes – Pays $500. Contact for guidelines.
  37. Snafu Designs – Greeting card market. Pays $100/idea. Guidelines at info@snafuguidelines.
  38. This Old House – Pays $1 per word. I’m not sure how old these online guidelines are as they’re from another site, so I’d contact for fresh guidelines.
  39. Threads – Pays $150/page. Contact for current guidelines.
  40. Wine Enthusiast – query by sending email to tmoriarity@wineenthusiast.com – Pays $750 – $2000

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…stay tuned. More spefic market lists are coming up in the upcoming days and weeks!! Hopefully all our markets lists will give you a good idea of the variety of opportunities available for freelance writers in 2010.

Please offer your comments, thoughts and suggestions regarding this and our other markets lists. As always, if you have tips for pitching or if you landed a gig from one of our lists, please let us know.

Edited to add: A member of the FWJ community asked how I/we know these sources are open to freelancers, if the pay rate is accurate, etc. Please be assured I researched each opportunity using a variety of online and offline resources including the Writer’s Market, online guidelines and I even made a phone call or two. As of January 2010 these listings are accurate.







13 responses
  1. Jeanne Avatar

    I clicked on “Romantic Homes”, but their online masthead doesn’t say it even accepts outside contributions. So how do you know it pays $100 or more? How do you know they accept freelance submissions? If I were searching on my own for markets, I would have just skipped over this one, assuming it was all staff written. What on their masthead tips you off that 1) they accept freelance contributions and 2) they pay well?

    I always skip by publications that don’t say “writer’s guidelines available” or offer them online. I’m asking because I’m wondering if you spot something else here that I don’t see, or if you’re simply putting more time and effort into this than I do – which means I’ve got to work a bit harder.


    1. Jeanne Avatar

      PS: I wasn’t questioning the accuracy of the pay rate…just how you could spot that they accept freelance submissions from what they offer? Or do you just as a matter of course query them? Thanks.

      1. Deb Ng Avatar

        It’s ok, Jeanne – Writers SHOULD question accuracy and legitimacy of all opportunities.

        I didn’t spot these markets – there was nothing to catch my eye on their websites. I looked through listings and resources to find the jobs that paid and accepted a high percentage of freelance submissions each year.

    2. Deb Ng Avatar

      Hi Jeanne,

      As you know from our private conversation, I used a variety of resources to look up this market – other than Googling markets and rates. I also used the Writer’s Market both online and offline and even contact a few of the places I was unsure about. I promise I didn’t just google “markets” or something. All of these markets work with freelancers and all pay what is listed here (as of January 2010.)

  2. Kathleen Avatar

    I really need to start querying magazines. Thanks for the markets.

  3. Kevin Peter Avatar

    i think this is n good opportunity for the part time jobs holders.
    .-= Kevin Peter´s last blog ..Texas Defensive Driving Online – About Course =-.

  4. Jerry halls Avatar

    Its a amazing news for freelancer who just start their freelancing business as a blogger and content writer. So thanks for the nice list..

  5. Kate Silver Avatar
    Kate Silver

    I wrote a story for Chili Pepper magazine nearly two years ago and they’ve yet to pay me. I would NOT write for this magazine.

  6. sdasfsfa Avatar

    I wrote a story for Chili Pepper magazine nearly two years ago and they’ve yet to pay me. I would NOT write for this magazine.

  7. harry Avatar

    Looking forward to view this video to the end

  8. Laura Roberts Avatar

    Great list! I just linked to this on my blog, but I was wondering if you were planning on updating it again for 2011? That’d be even better!

  9. frang Avatar

    I think top gear is a great show

  10. Sue Avatar

    Hi The AKC Gazette says to scroll down for information on writing jobs for them but I do not see such a link or email for them. Did I miss something? Thanks

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