5 Things Freelance Writers Can Learn from the A-Team

As freelance writers, we can get inspiration and tips about how to conduct ourselves in business from just about anywhere. This list is a case in point. You might be stretching the point just a bit if you try to claim your admission and popcorn as a business expense by explaining to the Tax Man that watching the A-Team movie is a continuing education seminar, but here are some tips inspired by the Team that may help.

1. Creativity Counts

As fans of the TV show have learned, sometimes (OK in every episode), the best laid plans don’t always work out the way you had hoped. By being flexible and thinking on your feet, you can turn things around.

2. You Need More Than a Pretty Face to Succeed

Appearances count, and you want to present yourself well when you are communicating with current and potential clients. Being charming will only get you so far, though. You also need to have a good skill base to go with it or you won’t be able to deliver what you promised.

3. We (Freelance Writers) Are All on the Same Side

When someone introduces him or herself as a fellow freelance writer, you automatically have something in common with him or her. We can communicate in verbal writers’ shorthand because they “get” us. Ideally, we should all have each other’s backs, but as the A-Team know all too well, the people who appear to be on our side may not be as friendly as they appear.

4. You Need to be a Bit Crazy to do This Kind of Work

If I told you that you would someday be involved in a type of work where you would be hearing the word “No” more often than you got hired and that you would always have to be thinking about where your next gig was going to come from, would you think “sign me up right now”? You would probably respond that there must be easier ways to make a living.

You may be right, but I haven’t done anything else that was as much fun. If that makes me a little crazy, so be it.

5. Don’t Believe People Who Say it Can’t be Done

When you tell people that you want to be a writer, there will be plenty of naysayers. Don’t listen to them. When you pull it off and get your writing career going, those same people will be the first ones to step up and tell you that they knew all along that you could do it. (Just smile graciously when that happens and tell yourself how much you love it when a plan comes together.)





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