Ahmed Bilal Joins the Freelance Writing Jobs Team

More great news this week for the Freelance Writing Jobs network!  Ahmed Bilal is joining the team and will write about search engine optimization (one of his areas of expertise), writing for the web and a variety of other writing topics!

If you’re not already familiar with Ahmed, following is a brief introduction.

About Ahmed Bilal

Ahmed Bilal is an entrepreneur and business consultant who has worked as freelance copywriter and blogger for a wide variety of niches – from online marketing to health and fitness to relationships to financial markets and lots more. He has also worked (and still does) in the online marketing industry as a consultant for U.S. and U.K. based start-ups.  In addition, Ahmed owns Football Media, an advertising network that works exclusively with football websites.

You can learn more about Ahmed on his website, AhmedBilal.com.

Please join me in welcoming Ahmed to Freelance Writing Jobs.  I’m confident he’ll bring new perspectives that are sure to help writers as we navigate through the new landscape of the publishing world both online and offline.





3 responses
  1. Christina Crowe Avatar

    Welcome to Freelance Writing Jobs, Ahmed! I look forward to reading your SEO tips and advice. Happy to have you here!

  2. Anita Avatar

    Welcome! I’m glad that we’ll have your expertise to guide us here at FWJ, and I look forward to reading your posts.

  3. Anthony Avatar

    Welcome to Freelance Writing Jobs Ahmed. My websites thank you for your search engine optimization advice in advance.

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