A Quick Guide to Becoming a Successful Freelance Writer

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Over 59% of companies in the United States have an elastic workforce to a large degree, whether that is remote workers or freelancers. These statistics bode well for content writers interested in beginning freelance or remote work. As the popularity of freelance work increases, you may be wondering how to succeed as a freelance writer. In this article, we review essential tips to succeed as a freelance writer. 

Pick a Niche 

A freelance writer can always select the topics to write about. However, rather than casting a wide net and writing about everything that comes your way, consider delving deeper into a particular subject and selecting a niche. If you wish to write for marketing companies, for example, you can attempt writing exclusively for small businesses. This will make it much easier to write better content as you constantly write for the same audience. 

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Communicate With Your Client

After securing a job, it is now time to start working. However, you shouldn’t just take a breather and neglect your client. Communicate often and early with your client. If there’s a high chance that you will miss a certain deadline for whatever reason, don’t just go silent — inform your client on time. With this kind of communication, you will build a good connection with your clients and make your jobs easier. 

Associate With Other Freelance Writers 

Although this seems counterintuitive, networking with other writers is a great way to increase your success in freelance writing. By associating with your competition, you can remain updated on the latest trends and news in your niche. You can also learn and share information on different ways to become even more successful. This will also give your brand the reputation and recognition other freelance writers strive to develop. 

Create Well-Crafted Pitches 

Although the tips listed here can aid you in getting jobs via online searches and networking, it is equally essential to know that you are required to write well-thought-out pitches regularly and get in contact with businesses that would be a great fit. 

Get a Contract for All Jobs and Study Negotiation

The primary mistake most freelance writers make at the start of their careers is that they aren’t aware of their value and don’t establish a contract, so they work more and earn less. Researching tips for negotiating freelance wages should also be a top priority for freelance writers at the start of their careers. With a clear idea of what to charge, you go into every negotiation having the upper hand. Afterward, prepare a contract. With a contract, you can fully understand the extent of the project, which will aid you in laying out boundaries for your clients. 

Learn How to Edit

A freelance writer doesn’t have the luxury of having an editor go through every piece you write. You must learn how to self-edit. Here’s a great process you could follow:

  • Write without judgment: When writing your piece initially, just remove the editor’s hat and write. 
  • Edit for grammar, sentence structure, and spelling: After completing your piece, your first edit should be focused on spelling and grammatical errors. Furthermore, make sure the sentences are well-structured. 
  • Edit for your client’s style: If your client adheres to a specific style guide, then you have to make sure that the piece is composed in that specific style. 

Freelance writing is a difficult job; however, with a lot of hard work, persistence, and organization, you can succeed in the freelance writing sector. If you find your business growing and are in need of elite content writing services, there are services you can take on for help (e.g., CopyPress).

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