Announcing the FWJ Guest Content Forum!

It’s a new month, and with it comes some exciting news! As you may all know, Freelance Writing Jobs is part of a larger network: Splashpress Media. The Splashpress Media Network is a diverse collection of sites all geared toward providing unique and interesting content to their readers.

Recognizing that FWJ readers are some of the most talented freelance writers one can find today, we are opening up some of our sites for guest posting opportunities.

Are you always one of the first to know what Apple is cooking up? If so, you can, for example, be one of our guest bloggers on Apple Gazette. If your specialization is new media and social media, you will be happy to note that we have several sites focusing on these topics.

Not only do you get the chance to write for a broad audience, but you also get to pick the topics which are closest to your heart and which you know most about.

How does this work?

Every month, we will be posting guest posting opportunities in the Forum. Details such as the site/s and topic/s will be outlined in the announcement. Writers who are interested in grabbing a guest posting opportunity can offer their content. The Splashpress editorial team will then pick out content to be used as guest entries. It’s as easy as that, and it will not cost you a thing!

Post guidelines

Every guest posting opportunity will have specific guidelines, but to give you an idea, here are some basics that we expect:

  • Unique content. No ifs or buts. We all know the importance of unique content, and we will only use original entries from writers.
  • Quality rules. More than offering original work, please ensure that what you put up is of high quality. Think of your readers, and make sure that they get added value from reading your guest entry.
  • Link to previous content. We ask that you link to a related post found in the site that you are writing a guest post for. This is easy enough to do – just use our on-site search for relevant content.
  • Maximum 1 link/125 words. We realize that you may want to link to your own pages and other work, so we are not averse to links in our guest posts. We do ask, however, that you observe this limit.
  • No unethical links. Speaking of links…please do not abuse the ability to drop links in the guest entry. Unethical sites, software, commercial, and keyword unrelated links are not allowed. Also, please do not use cloaked or shortened links.

A note for images

In order to make your guest entry more readable, please take note that at least one image is required for each post. We do respect copyright, so all images used must be under the Creative Commons License. Alternatively, you can use images that you own the rights to. Here are some useful resources for images that are royalty-free and/or Creative Commons.

Please also make sure that you do NOT hotlink to images. Instead, once you have verified that the image you are using is free to use without any copyright issues, copy-paste or upload the image. Also, do not forget the crucial step of attribution: provide the source of the image.

If you are marketer or site owner and are looking for some expert assistance with your guest posting and blogger outreach then a guest posting service would also be worth investigating.







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